Psychic Energy Update 1/18/22

Here is the numerology and cards for the week to reflect upon. Plus, energy updates starting a quick summary.  I will go into details below.


  • Mercury Retrograde 1/14/22-2/4/22
  • Venus retrogrades til 1/29/22
  • Uranus direct 1/18/22 (TODAY)
  • Full Moon 1/17/22 (Yesterday)


CME’s and Solar flares trigging Geomagnetic storm 1/16 and 1/18


  • for 2022 = 6
  • Today: 16/7


Surrender Stubbornness: When I pulled this card in relation the numerology and energies as of right now, I heard a spirit whisper of “surrender resistance. Surrender the resistance of the flow of change and of natural laws”

“If you’re tensing up or taking a rigid stance about something, gently observe yourself and become more yielding. This will help you communicate more lovingly with others and yourself.”

Raven: All about Magic and owning your power.

Nine of Cups:  Satisfaction, Abundance, Reaping Rewards.

What does this all mean?

So today, we are coming off a VERY powerful full moon amplified by a geomagnetic storm from an incoming solar flare from the sun.

Some of you may have experienced sleep disturbances or elevated #triggers as we are being guided to surrender to the natural laws of the universe.

Mercury went retrograde this past Friday, 1/14/22 and Venus is still in retrograde to the end of the month on 1/29/22. Mercury will go direct on 2/4/22. This affects everything relational especially with self as well as anything regarding communication.

You might even feel a “tug o war” going on with the desire to rest, sleep, hibernate, organize, and plan mashing against the sudden urge to “get things done” or take action as Uranus went direct today.

Let me know in the comments below if this resonates with you as I do not know if what I post, or share helps you in any way.

Click here the 2022 energy forecast video. I go deeper into the numerology and themes for the year in that recording so I will not address it here.

Today is about cycles and flow. What cycles are you completing so you can move forward this spring, and how are you navigating that flow.

The recent solar storm activity just amplifies what already is, but if you are empathic or if you have health issues such as autoimmune disorders, mental health issues, or cardiac condition, you may have felt this. This could also trigger sleep issues such as overly exhausted yesterday but insomnia last night for those who are sensitive.

Are you resisting?

Are you making excuses?

Or are you pulling out your paddles in this grand flood of change and just steering however the Universe guides you?

The Raven is here to remind you of the magic you have inside you that maybe you have forgotten or ignored.

The Raven is a guide in the shadows and all that stuff you might feel lost. The raven will show you the way as the raven is between both worlds.

The raven also reveals a TRUTH you may not have seen before or even considered. Be sure to check your analytical brain or ego at the door and listen to the gut instincts.

Be sure your instincts are NOT coming from a place of triggers or trauma, but from a pure place.

The white artic fox in the 9 of cups card is a reminder of adaptability and purity.

The numerology is amplifying the raven energy and highlighting the shadow aspects that need to be resolved and dealt with – clearing out the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical clutter from your life so you are able to SEE clearly and OWN your power.

The 9 of cups is here to remind you that all this hard work will NOT go unrewarded in all areas of your life if you do THIS hard work that is asked of you.

This is a test of faith and a shift in your beliefs systems that are outdated.
Above all, this is a time to pull out your life raft.

Do NOT try to control others based on YOUR belief systems while ignoring another who may NOT share the same philosophy – This pandemic is an example of this.

Be open to ask questions. Be inquisitive.

Practice MORE empathy, compassion and understanding.

The news, political systems, Wall Street are all functioning from a place of ego.

Step away and tap into the wisdom of the soul as the soul knows YOUR truth.

Go there.

Be well my friends.

As always, your comments and feedback mean the world to me, and these posts are designed to guide you, but your feedback helps me help you more effectively.