TSM Episode 21: From Chaos to Power: Empowering People To Make A Difference in These Times

Welcome to Episode 21 of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine podcast with host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph. Join us for amazing podcast episode on “From Chaos to Power: Empowering People To Make A Difference in These Times” with Brighid Murphy.

Brighid brings over 20 years experience as a solid rooted healer and activist into this deep rich conversation about real issues facing most folks today and how to navigate these challenging revolutionary times, we are in. In the end Brighid shares 3 tips on what you can do today to show up better in the world you want create and see.


Brighid Murphy is a leading expert in transformational healing, a shamanic practitioner and teacher, and a healing catalyst. She’s a mentor and empowerment teacher for spiritual seekers and holistic healers.

Brighid created the Sacred Listening Method, facilities The Healers Collective, in-depth group immersions, and 1:1 healing experiences. She’s passionate about ceremonial healing through community and advocates for marginalized identities within the contemporary spiritual and wellness industries.


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Real talk. Let’s address the elephant in the room to the growing “sickness” in our society, address root issues and provide sustainable solutions.

We hope by addressing the intersectionality and connect the dots like a web of many of society’s challenges, we can help others understand the trauma infection that impacts all areas of life – addiction, domestic violence, racism, homelessness, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, cancer, environmental issues, climate change and more. In this collaborative program, we hope to share a new perspective of solutions, healing, and resolutions.

Each episode addresses a certain trigger while offering the spiritual medicine with at least 3 tips or actionable steps our listeners can take and implement.

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