Past Life Regression With Beth O’Connor

This event is facilitated by Beth O’Connor.

Past Life Regression, Why they can truly change your life!
Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn to a certain period of history or country? Why you have certain interests, or fears that don’t make sense in this lifetime. Curious about the patterns you may be working through in this lifetime that may directly correlate to another time?

Past life regression is a beautiful process and a healing of the soul. It can help you to identify patterns in your life, that you have chosen to work through in this lifetime and help teach you why you feel the way you do about someone or something or explain your familiar resonance. It’s really a soul journey and a special experience. Past Life Regression is merely a journey of the mind’s eye and will help guide you on the best way to live your present life.

This event is limited to 10 participants

To Register: Please contact Laura directly saying you wish to register for this event.