Goup Past Life Regression With Jill Jardine

Have you ever wondered why you are fascinated by certain historical times or personages?

Past Life Regression can take you back to rediscover soul gifts and talents, from a previous incarnation. Past Life regression therapy can reveal the karmic connection you have with others.   Why did you marry that person? What is the unresolved karma from a past life?  Why does a certain person affect you in deep ways, whether you are inextricably drawn to them or can’t stand them?

Also, we may wonder why we have certain skills or talents that seemed to come very easily to us, even when we were young. Jill started doing astrology readings at 15 years old and as she got older, she knew she had gleaned astrological wisdom from previous lifetimes as a “Jyotisha” astrologer in India.  Also, when I was learning Sanskrit mantras, they were so familiar and easy for me to remember and pronounce. This was another skill set I had developed from a previous incarnation in India.  Perhaps the same one in which I became an advanced Jyotisha.

The first stage of the process is to induce the client into a moderately deep trance through various induction techniques. When the participant is induced, the PLR therapist suggests their subconscious mind take the client to a past life in which they developed a particular talent.  They connect with the past life personality, experience that lifetime through the past life person’s perspective, receive the gifts from the past life self, integrate the energies, and access wisdom from the Bardo State from the past life self.


About Your Facilitator:

Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, has been a life-long Astrologer and Psychic, studying metaphysics and reading astrological charts and tarot cards since she was 15 years old.  Jill received a Master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology in 1991, to legitimize her astrological and Intuitive counseling. Jill is certified in several healing modalities including as a certified Vedic Astrologer, Yoga teacher, Sanskrit Mantra instructor, and Kundalini Yoga teacher . She has been blessed to study with several wise Gurus from India and metaphysical teachers. Jill believes our body is our temple, and we have to continually fine-tune our consciousness, body, mind, and spirit by pursuing healing practices. Jill was once told by an Indian Guru that “God and the Gurus have blessed her with the Gift of Divine Intuition.” Jill is honored to be of service to share her god-given gifts and cultivated wisdom with her clients.