Open House Celebration + Meet and Greet

Join us for an open house to celebrate one year in our new space that promotes a safe, diverse, inclusive space conducive for healing.

This event is informal and geared towards being business social

  • Meet various practitioners and facilitators who offer services, events & classes.
  • See what is offered.
  • Collaborate
  • Check out our space
  • Bask in the amazing healing vibes.
  • Meet & Greet
  • Network
  • Shop or purchase a gift certificate.

This event is simple. Nothing fancy as we will have our Holiday Open House in December.

Will serve light snacks, herbal tea, and more.

Also, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a cause Laura Bonetzky-Joseph is passionate about and has worked towards solutions for over 15years to support survivors, make an impact, and create change.

She is a frequent speaker on the topic, is the host of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine, and author of 2 books on top of her client work with survivors in healing and/or advocacy which to date she has self-funded.

In 2023, Laura testified before legislators on 11 different bills as a survivor, expert, and advocate in 2.5 months that impact survivors of abuse that required her to take enormous amount of time off of work and took on a significant amount of debt and expenses.

Recently, our work also helped a protective mom from being incarcerated by a family court judge in a case involving post separation abuse and litigation abuse. Her story can be followed in instagram or tiktok.

We will also be accepting donations to support our ongoing domestic violence initiatives, programs, legislation and policy work in Massachusetts and Nationally that will continue moving forward in 2024 that will require additional travel and expenses to attend necessary conferences, training on top of what is already mentioned above. Click here to make a donation.