Implementing Neurosequential Trauma Informed Programs In Schools

Triggers & Spiritual Medicine: Episode #3

with Guest Susan Andrian, LMFT, of Hope Reimagined

This is a powerful episode where we talk about trauma, how it affects our brains, the impacts of the ACE studies, and what Susan has been doing over the last 25 years implementing trauma informed approach to problem solving in both the school systems in Brockton, MA as well as Oakland, CA.

Considering the current challenges the education system is in right now after the pandemic, this is an episode, worth watching if you are seeking a better way to address the increasing stress rates of our youth.

Susan shares  3 Tips on what you can do today to be a part of what we can “Reimagine” moving forward


Susan Andrien LMFT, is a Phase 2 trainer in The Neurosequential Model, a neurodevelopmentally informed approach to clinical problem solving. With more than 25 years of experience working with children and families heavily impacted by trauma, Susan founded Hope Reimagined, a Mental Health & Educational Support Services organization with a mission to better support communities, schools and families to be relationally rich environments informed by neurophysiology.

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Our mission is to be a catalyst to show others the way to become the solution to breaking they cycle of the epidemic of the perpetuation of unhealed unresolved trauma on all life.

This is a NEW collaborative program with industry experts, survivors, who have figured out the “how” to heal the effects from their trauma breaking FREE from the chains that bound them in ways society said was not possible

We’ll feature a different guest w/ each episode sharing experiences & solutions w/ the greatest epidemic of our times world – an epidemic of unrecognized unhealed unresolved trauma that is placing misguided burdens on our society, increasing rates of chronic illness, mental illness, & addictions & stressing an already taxed broken healthcare system ill-equipped to treat root issues because it is NOT profitable.

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