The Shifting Energetic Tides, Our Dream States & 3 Tips To Guide You Forward


How have your dreams been over the last few months? Anything revealing?

The energies in the Universe have been really pushing us hard to release old beliefs systems and patterns and open us up to expansion. Although, we may not perceive it in this way. We are at a time where questioning our reality is increasing. That is when we should actually take a pause. Quiet the mind, and let the inner wisdom guide us to our truth. The more we resist or fear, the more push back we may experience.

How much spiritual internal work we have done and continue to do, will determine the degree of push back. None of us are immune. The difference really lies in the awareness and having the tools to adjust accordingly. Those who have been avoiding, fearing, or spiritually bypassing*, are finding out things to be quite challenging.

One of the ways we are adjusting or sorting things out energetically is through our sleep and our dream state.

Dreams give us an opportunity and clues to our waking life. Paying attention to them can help us understand what is happening and what actions to take.

According to Psychology Today, dreams can show us meaningful patterns in our waking life. This can include things like:

  • The patterns in dreaming can correspond to various aspects of the dreamer’s physical and mental health.
  • Dreams can also accurately reflect people’s engagement in various other areas such as relationships, sports, education, spirituality, personal identity and more.
Laura recently in San Francisco area of Mill Valley, CA amongst the mountains & trees

What Laura’s Dream Show Us

A Forever Home, Trees, a Big Fluffy White Bed, and Nakedness. Whaaat?

My dreams have been vivid, full of messages, and very telling. These dreams are like clues on a treasure map to lead to the buried treasure which we sometimes think is hidden externally somewhere, but in reality the treasure we seek resides within. I talked about some of these experiences on social media. If you follow me, you may have caught some of the discussions. 

To give you an example, here is one dream I had and what it revealed to me in the end.

Recently, I had a dream that I finally bought my forever home. This was after losing my home in 2008 as a result of the ongoing onslaught of financial abuse after leaving my domestic abuser in 2005. I had bought my first home at age 19 and the home I lost was the result of almost 20 years of hard work gone … all because of a bad decision on who I chose to marry who saw me as a target he could steal, manipulate, control, and abuse.

I looked at this house in the dream, and knew it was it, and put a deposit on it same day. I sighed with happy tears in my eyes. I felt instantly lighter as if a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. This was a dream that I never thought was possible BUT, that fear was conquered. I not only got my forever home, I got my zen, happy place and peace restored.

The house was a modest 2 story home (guessing approx 1500 sq ft) and located in a quiet neighborhood at the top of the hill with lots of trees. It was abutting a beautiful forested wooded park like those I had seen in Seattle, WA. It was lush and healthy as if secret fairies, magic, and fairy gardens were hidden in there. That appealed to me greatly in the dream.

When I went inside the home, it was empty and bare. No curtains or furniture and even the cabinet doors in the kitchen were removed. I recall being a little startled until I walked into the master bedroom. It was the only room furnished simplistically with a big comfortable zenful white bed that I just had to lie in. I was suddenly in all my nakedness and was comfortable in my bareness.

The realtor, an elderly grey haired white man, walked in on me as I went to close the door telling him that I had no clothes on attempting to cover myself with my arms and hands. I noticed the door had no handle from the inside of the room and opened from right to left.

The house also had one of those wall-less walk in showers, but bathroom was seriously outdated and in need of repair, with falling tiles near the ceiling. It was as if no one had been in here for years with tiles that looked like it was from the 1960s. However, I recall loving the weird layout.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are big symbols in dreams and can help us understand the every day aspects of our life. Such as:

  • The open shower can represent an act of cleansing the inner self.
  • The bathroom itself can mean in this case that personal freedom still needs some work and cleansing.
  • Bathrooms in general are an important sign of an opportunity to expand business affairs and reach a satisfying conclusion.
  • Bedrooms on the other hand say a lot about our private life and things that might need resolve. This also might involve attachments to a project requiring negotiation which is likely to provide prosperity.
Photo: Pinerest

The big fluffy white bed denotes peaceful times, a purity, positive changes afoot and/or building of strong healthy relationships. It reminded me of the one I slept in at the Airbnb I stayed at in Seattle. It was comforting, peaceful, and made me feel blissful.

As a kid, I was wanted to study the science of dreams, and even represented my High School as a freshman in the regional science fair. My project was on whether or not food affects the way a person dreams. I still recall having ice cream, and then dreamt about going skiing.

This dream was a blessing with simple reminders for my waking life. The key message here is a reminder that miracles do happen. Messages I heard were:

  • You are on the right path.
  • You are almost there. So close you can taste it.
  • The old is crumbling away, and you are now within reach of attaining everything you have sought after and worked so hard for.
  • It is ok to question, but know when to discern things are moving in the positive direction vs a setback from the same old story keeping you hostage.
  • Your home is showing the areas you still need to release fears and old heal traumas, as that is what is holding you back the most now.
  • It is ok. You. Are. Safe. You don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder anymore.
  • It is time. It is time for you to rise up. No more cowering in the corner. You have bared all and stripped everything. Now rise. Walk through the fire and blaze a new path.

What have your dreams been expressing for you in your life? I’d love to hear your dream experiences. So please share in the comments below.

Three Tips To Guide You

We forget we are made of of mostly water and energy (frequency and vibration) that then make up our cells, tissues, organs and our very BE-ing. So to wonder why are we so sensitive and/or is this a load or horseshit, I’d ask you to really consider our very miraculous make up. We are stardust after all that originated from particles of a star. Are we not?

According to LSU physicist Edward Zganjar (pronounced Skyner), “the iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones were all forged in such stars.” Just think about that for a moment. (Pause)

So it is not unusual that we can be affected by our sun, our planet’s magnetic shifts, moon phases, astrological events, and even super novas millions of light years away.

Here are three tips to guide you as you move forward during these every changing energies:

1.Pay attention to your dreams when you have them. The ones to really pay attention to are those vivid dreams or those that feel like an alternate reality or even a message type of dream.

Upon waking, press the rewind button on your brain for dream recall. Then write down or voice record as much detail as possible. Be sure to include moods, colors, and how you felt during the experience and how you felt upon waking. Were you sweaty, fearful, anxious, numb, joyful, silly, etc.? They are all clues to helping you uncover the hidden meanings like clues on a treasure map.

Note that our dreams can hold clues to all we are currently experiencing on this planet at this time.

In ancient times, dreams were seen as a way to give information about the past, present, future or even as omens or insights. They are symbolic messages like clues to a treasure map of our own psyche.

So, pay attention. You just might get the answers you seek through the form of your dreams.

2. Be aware of your body’s experiences, build an intimate relationship with self, and develop a language of communication with the body . If you are feeling tension in the shoulders, pay attention. If you all of a sudden feel unexplained exhaustion, pay attention. This is a secret language we must learn. Your body will tell you everything you need to know. Trust its wisdom.


The clues our body gives us are one of the following: spiritual upgrades and adjustments, clues to what you need to address and not ignore or pretend it will just go away, and/or symptoms of releasing old beliefs, patterns, traumas (personal, generational, or past life). This is stuff usually not in our conscious awareness, but buried in the shadows of our subconscious. So it takes work, self compassion, self love and understanding.

3. The Shadow work continues. Everything we seek is buried in the depths of our shadows of our subconscious minds. If you want to change your life go into the depths of your shadows. Yes. Go there.

If you want to change what you see in the external world, go into the depths of your shadows. Yes. Go there.

It is important to continue to dig deep and get real with yourself and continue to go into the shadows of self and confront your fears. This is where the buried treasure resides. Spiritually bypassing* this reality is like a euphoric false sense of reality like an addictive drug that is blinding us from what we need to do collectively and in the end creates more unnecessary suffering as a result. 

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself in the process. This is not easy work. Internal work is a shit show that gets messy and raw, but in the end, it feels like massive weights and chains have been cut off and we can breathe again.

There is a lot happening energetically on the planet right now, and it is not going away any time soon. It is important we learn how to navigate these changes with as much grace and ease as possible. Will it be easy? No.

However, with tips like what I have mentioned above and sharing these experiences with you, hopefully will open your eyes a little bit to a whole new way of experiencing life and being part of the collective solutions our Great Mother desperately needs. We have a responsibility to our Mother. We are her stewards after all.

Do we treat her with respect?

Do we honor her?

Do we listen to her cries?

Do we take action to become better stewards?

Just food for thought here.

Your comments and feedback are so important to me. Please share what you gained or learned from this post or what questions did this post leave you with . What is your take a way?

Photo by: Verdi Studio

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and for reading. Don’t forget to pause and breathe.

With appreciation, 

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