A Pause & Reflection on Death & Tragedy

In the wake of the sudden death of Kobie Bryant, a shooting in Hingham, and loss.

Today I pause.

I sit in quiet reflection of all that transpired during a short period of time while I was away for a quick sacred couples get-a-way this weekend in Maine.

The past 36 hours have been trippy to say the least, and an indicator of the imbalances energetically in general we have on Earth. The Universe sadly does not discriminate which makes what we experienced that more challenging at times.

Indoor portion of our New Moon Ceremony in York, Maine.

On top of the loss of my beloved Ava who passed away on January 8th this year, the Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash killing all on board and the “domestic dispute” resulting in a shooting in my – so called SAFE – home town in Hingham, there is a lot to pull back from, sit, digest, and go within allowing all that is to surface while baring witness to it all. It is a lot to filter in a 24 hour span of time.

First, Life is short …

It is important to remember …

… that when we plan our lives out to have the best house, the best car, the best of everything materially possible, we also do NOT forget to LOVE without motive & LIVE LIFE.

One of many heart rocks I stumbled upon over a short 24 hour period of time while in Maine

Some of the things I hear when working with the terminally ill and dying in preparation for transition into the spirit world:
▪ Will I remember how much I love my wife when I die?
▪ Will it be painful when I die?
▪ Will my family be ok when I die?
▪ Will I go to hell?
▪ Was I a good enough person to go to heaven?
▪ I am afraid
▪ I want my family to know how much I love them.
▪ I am sorry for putting my family through this.
▪ I hurt (name), I do not want to die without them knowing I am sorry & ask for forgiveness.

Couples New Moon ceremony

No one has ever said …
▪I wish I had a bigger house or better car
▪I want more money.
▪I want to be a workaholic
etc etc

I am grateful for time away with my honey this past weekend for some quiet sacred couples time complete with a new moon ceremony, jacuzzi tubs, large stone fireplaces, laughter, music, nature, food, and more.


New Moon Ceremony on York Beach
  • I am thankful for loved ones who believe in me.
  • I am present to experiencing all life has to offer
  • I know love does NOT have conditions and to allow it to flow freely and effortlessly – I am still working on this
  • I stop comparing myself to ideologies and others as that line of thinking no longer serves me.
  • I continue to work on decolonizing my mindset in order to step fully into my power understanding this is the secret to healing the pandemic of unresolved trauma
  • I will continue to rise up for those in vulnerable communities and situations.
  • I will continue to rise up against oppressors, abusers, rapists, traffickers, racists, etc.
  • I will continue to own my truth confidently even if that means I do it alone.
  • I trust that my soul has my back and all is as it should be
  • I listen to the whispers of the divine within me
  • I tap into the wisdom of the trees, water, earth, air, as well to the ancestors of this land & those before me.
Do you see her? Saw this on a walk in the woods in Maine.

This is just a start – I will keep adding on my own as this makes for very long read if I continue on here. hahahaha.

At the end of the day, I have learned the power in the pause when tragedy hits. It has taken me over 15 years to understand how powerful of a tool this can be to gain perspective and clarity.


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With appreciation,

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