During the Coronavirus Frenzy, Some Birthday Thoughts


Today marks the beginning of the last year in a half century for me and I’m feeling quite vulnerable these days.

I originally had planned to talk about all the amazing incredible things that I want to accomplish and do and adventures I will take before I begin the next half century, and what should I do to transition with a BANG … BUT we’ve been given quite the curveball of a bang now. Haven’t we?!?!

All of my events and classes have been canceled thru April 15th. Some into May already.

My trip to Ireland next month has been canceled and unsure the scope of future travel plans elsewhere including Japan this fall.


I am surrendering all my fears and worries whether my business will survive this storm, and trusting all is as it’s supposed to be.

I should have known better cuz I wrote about this stuff in my 2020 forecast Jan 3rd. I was hesitant and careful at how I delivered the message as I didn’t want to create fear, but a guide on how to navigate.


My luv who showed up ending my day Aaaamazing bringing SOME of my favorites

So today, I stop. Pause. Reflect. And cocoon myself in while I re-calibrate.

I do what I have been preparing and trained to do over the last 49 years but especially the last 15 years.

I look for the opportunity, gifts, and blessings in the midst of chaos. So today I bless my junk.

I surrender into the flows and web of life like a life raft floating down a bumpy river. Sometimes it’s calm and other times it’s raging rapids.

I close my eyes, focus on my breath and remember my purpose.

I tap into the wisdom within, the wisdom of my ancestors and the original stewards of the land I reside on, the Massachusett people … being open to receive all that is to be received.

I honor the teachings. I show respect. I trust in the path unknown before me, and I allow life to unfold FOR me.

Today, my clients and classes are canceled. I will be planning opportunities for online bookings, classes, and meditation.

So instead, I will focus on Usui Sensei original reiki teachings for some much needed spiritual medicine. I recite the gokai every morning, every night, and every time I feel stressed.

Kyo dake wa (Just for Today)
Ikaruna (Do not anger)
Shinpai suna (Do not worry)
Kansha shite (Be grateful)
Gyo-o hageme (Do your duties fully)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni (Be kind to others)

I bow in gratitude to all who have helped shape who I am and continuing to grow up to become to be.

I don’t know what the future holds. None of us really do.

I surrender to the abyss of opportunity and possibility.

All I do know is that I am upping the dosage of my spiritual medicine, herbals, rituals, meditation, reiki, vibrational healing, self care and more.

I do know the world is needing to return to a path of love in their hearts. What’s more virulent than the coronavirus, is fear. And fear is wreaking havoc.

Please choose love over fear and PLEASE stand up to abusers, rapists, and bullies.

I’m off to the woods to lose my mind, commune with nature and center my soul. I look forward to wisdom I may recieve.

Thank you to all who have supported me and my journey throughout the years.

Sooooo … I guess it is a Happy 49th birthday to me …

With appreciation,

Spiritual Medium, Healer, Speaker, Writer, Metaphysician, Advocate, Holistic Health Practitioner, Facilitator, Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Specialist and Spiritual Badass.

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