SALEM, MA: Guest Speaker and Spiritual Medium

I am honored to have been asked to return as guest speaker and spiritual medium at the First Spiritualist Church of Salem in Salem, MA.

One of my favorite things to do is to give back to the community and serve Spirit/Source. I look forward to this day of inspiration and healing.

Open to the Public.

Service: 6:30pm


Per First Spiritualist Church of Salem:

The regular Sunday Service begins immediately following the Healing Service at 6:30pm … generally at 7 p.m. It includes song, prayer, an inspirational talk given by a guest speaker, and spirit greetings by the guest medium (usually, but not always, the same individual as the speaker.

For more information about services and events, please visit their website.

Healing Trauma Through The System of Reiki at the Healthy Living Expo

Join Laura at the Healthy Living Magazine Conference & Expo on Sunday April 8th as a featured presenter.

TIME: 2-3pm in the Halifax Room

Trauma is not what you may think.

Have you endured unexplained or life lifelong symptoms?

Do you suffer from chronic illness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, physical pain or even cancer?

Did your symptom or illness manifest as the result of a past trauma?

The #metoo movement has done an amazing job at opening the doors on many fronts. Many are beginning to awaken and understand the reason they feel the way they do maybe due trauma – personal, generational, karmic and are finally searching for ways to address those innate needs.

Our bodies are miraculous beings fully equipped to heal themselves. Reiki taps into the body’s innate abilities.

However, when we experience trauma, such as an accident, natural disaster, loss, or even abuse, those abilities become significantly compromised. Although, we are taught that time heals all wounds, we are learning this is not always the case. Many times these traumas manifest years later.

The traditional standard treatment in our American healthcare system rarely looks at the “root cause” of our symptoms and treats only the symptom. Therefore, we rarely address and heal the underlying cause. Left untreated, it can manifest into illness.

What happened to you does not have to be a life sentence. Join Laura for powerful presentation and discover how the system of reiki can empower you, remove toxicity, restore wholeness and create a healthier you!

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho”, which translates as “Usui treatment for the improvement of body and mind”.

Reiki supports the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while drilling down on specific issues. Reiki is easy to learn and can be used in a home or clinical setting to enhance the health and emotional wellness of both self and others. It is also complementary with all other alternative or traditional medical treatments, and in non-invasive.

Jikiden Reiki® is the “direct” teaching of Reiki as it was taught in Japan before it was brought to the west in the 1930’s. Because Jikiden Reiki® is free from Western influence, it differs from “Western” style of Reiki in approach, attitude, and ideas.

Jikiden Reiki® sessions focus on removing toxins from the body and guiding it towards wholeness. It is known for its effective treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as to address deep rooted beliefs, habits, traumas and addictions. Reiki has been effective treatment option like alleviating pain, pre-op and post-op surgery recovery, anxiety, skin conditions and posttraumatic stress.

About the Presenter:

Laura Joseph is a survivor of abuse, speaker, healer, intuitive, writer and teacher. She has a background as a college educator and domestic abuse advocate with over 15 cumulative years of experience in healthcare with a focus on trauma informed care.

Laura has incorporated spiritually based holistic health practices such as reiki in her line of work since 2006 and is a Jikiden Reiki® Shihan

Laura frequently travels as a guest speaker at conferences and organizations on healing trauma through spiritually based and holistic based practices. Laura brings her empathy, passion, compassion, and wit to assist in bringing out the best in you.