Lessons During The Bipolar Ping Pong Match of Emotions to Paradoxical Extremes

Ahhhhhh March is finally here. February sure proved to be a struggle for so many. What we’ve experienced lately is what I want to call, “a bipolar ping pong match” of emotions to paradoxical extremes … And … if you live in New England, you know what I mean with the constant bombardment of snow storms right after another literally and metaphorically with the fallout of lots of anger, frustration, stress as well as peace, beauty, and grace. Many even experienced roof collapses, loss of work, injuries, accidents,or burst pipes.

February 2015 after receiving over 95″ of snow in Weymouth, MA (c) Laura Joseph, Healing With Spirit.

We came into the new year knowing it would begin with some challenges with stuff we still needed to work on that was residual from last year before it balanced out. However, what we’ve experienced lately was way above our expectations to say the least. Nonetheless, we gained many valuable lessons that will carry us through to the next chapter in our life if we paid attention.

I recently read a post by Abraham-Hicks that made me stop and think as it relates to everything that has been occurring in and around us.

“In the same way that the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts, words, and actions that you are offering here in your physical reality, the Law of Attraction is always responding powerfully to your Vibrational Reality. When the Law of Attraction, the Universal manager of all Vibrations, responds to the clarity of Vibration offered by your expanding Inner Being, the result is a powerful swirling Vortex of attraction.”

You may need to read that several times for it to truly sink in. We create our own realities by the very vibrations or ripples we create. Have you taken an assessment lately of the vibrations you are creating? Are you running ragged without a thought to what is being created vibrationally or are you taking time out to realize this is all part of the greater master plan to bring us closer to our divine soulful path to what we came in this world to do?

Are you focused on all the drama, chaos, and tragedy around you or are you seeing the silver lining through it all? Do you see the blank pages ahead of you? You are the author of your own life. You choose from this moment on what is written in those pages.

Is the path you seek visible? Blocked? or Open?
(c) 2015 Laura Joseph, Healing With Spirit

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen an uprising of peace, beauty, and positive change mixed with sudden bursts of fury and rage. With each occurrence, we were tested … challenged … to become the master of our own ship. We were reminded to shift our focus and count our blessings.

None of us were immune. I know for me personally February was difficult on many levels. The challenges I have been attempting to clear, purge, and heal over the last 10 years were magnified over the past several weeks. However, we are all given choices. We could choose to wallow in our chaos or rise above it.

The first step is to always remain present no matter what life presents to you. Living in the past and the future if you have tried is like a hamster riding the wheel and can’t get off. Nothing changes.

The past is past and can not be changed no matter what you do. Staying there only holds you back and breeds depression. Ever see the movie Groundhog DayWell staying in the past, is like reliving the same day over and over and over again and no matter what you do. It is always the same. So how do you break the cycle? Start with acceptance and forgiveness of the past and all those associated with it.

Living in the future with all the what if’s, only breeds worrying and anxiety of things, people, and situations that may never happen which could lead to more negative outcomes. So what are your choices? Stay present and begin manifesting what you want.

So what did I do?

I chose to see all the chaos and fury that was around me with the beauty and magic in it all. I even devouted a series of photos called the “The 2015 Ice-capades of Icicle Craziness” as part of my journey and discovery. I chose to appreciate the beauty and the paradox at the same time of such destruction by mother nature from these recent winter storms. I can not recall the last time I saw such magnificent icicles in my lifetime. These were quite beautiful in the fury and destruction of it all.

Here is a sampling of my pictures from my icicle ventures …

What else did I learn?

I learned to surround myself with others who not only would see the bright side of things, but knew me well enough to remind me of the journey and path I am on. Hence, staying focused on the goal on where I want to be in my life. 

So I continued to engulf myself in these storms from their beauty in the fury to the life that emerges afterwards. I travelled to various parts of Massachusetts looking to see what Mother Nature had in store for me. I saw this as an adventure and an exciting one at that. 

Here is a sampling of images from my journey this past month.


For myself, I chose appreciate the small things and count my blessings through all this chaos. A lot of possibilities arose if we open ourselves to see.

Spring is around the corner. All the storms we have been experiencing literally and metaphorically will soon come to an end. The grips of Father winter are waning with the emergence of spring.  March is finally here and marks change no matter where you are on the planet. It also signifies a new season of life for those on the northern hemisphere. Right now it is important to keep the faith under all the blankets of snow.

New growth is upon all of us.  March signifies the emergence of spring and the beginning of your seeds to emerge from the ground. This is a huge transformational month for all of us. How we choose our thoughts … How we choose to act and react … How we choose to move forward … How we nurture those seeds are crucial. So be aware and mindful, but make sure to keep the faith…. How we nourish those seeds we planted will determine the outcome.
A robin feeding on sycamore seeds the day after a major snow storm
(c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit.

What February has taught us was quite valuable even though you may not quite see it yet. Just like you don’t see the emergence of crocuses, tulips, and daffodils under the mountains of snow waiting to burst through.

The universe is asking you to get a grip of your emotions and step outside the box so you can look at things from a new perspective. It is time for you to surrender your anxieties and worries over to the Universe and let go of things you can not control.

So just for today, pause for a moment. Take a slow deep breath and focus on all the positives in your life. Stay present and begin to watch your life transform. You just might surprise yourself about what you will discover. You have a blank page and new chapter. What will you write? The Universe has spoken like the Great Oz himself. Now the choice is yours on what to do.

Have a blessed day.

With lots of love and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
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