Facing Hard Truths & Actions To Take

There are a lot of energies triggering unresolved stuff in our DNA. We are witnessing this in the current world events happening all around us from political unrest, climate change, space weather amplification, post pandemic challenges. You can check out my podcast episode which takes a broader aspect on Three Tips To Moving Through Hard Truths. 

This post will focus on the Gen Z population, our children and college protests.

In case you are unaware, on top of my work with Healing With Spirit, I am a sacred activist with 18 years of domestic violence advocacy, podcast host of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine, and I speak frequently about the intersectionality of aspects that impact survivors of abuse. You can learn more about me, here.

Here is what I have to say about recent events, and I hope it is received well. And, if triggered, I ask you to stop. Pause, and address the underlying issues before responding. Remember, a trigger is something unresolved unrelated to current topic.

So, if you are endorsing, condoning or amplifying violence on our children on college campuses, YOU are part of the problem NOT the solution.

If you are wishing harm or being WILLFULLY ignorant to violence, oppression, slaughter of children and NOT taking action steps towards peace, freedom for ALL people not just white Christians, ending violence & oppression, YOU are part of the problem.


NO politician can fix a SICK UNWELL society.

Only WE can do that.

This, Saturday, May 4th, is the 57th Anniversary of the National Guard shooting and killing 4 UNarmed Kent State college students protesting a war.

It was NOT klansman promoting white male supremacy who were killed, but anti-war students.

Think about that for a minute and the narratives PROMOTED on TV to convince the masses a certain narrative.

The attack on our right & freedom to protest a war is currently being threatened where we see history repeating itself again, anti-war, anti-killing children, anti-genocide protesters are being attacked, beaten, brutalized while white supremacists, white nationalists, and Zionists can walk the streets without police interference to protest freely hate, commit acts of violence, invade encampments of anti-genocide protestors to beat with sticks, toss flash grenades, fireworks and more acts of violence.

Only WE can remember your roots and value of local neighborhood community and take action.

Kindness wins.

Loving thy neighbor wins.

Unifying voices wins.

Equity wins

Equality wins

Unifying Causes wins.

Sharing your meal wins.

Giving up your coat wins.

Opening a door wins.

Our triggers get in the way of the facing hard truths of maybe realizing what we thought we knew was a lie or that how we were taught was a lie or that we struggle with escalating brutality, and it is hard to face.

Remember, these are OUR CHILDREN being brutalized by militarized police – many of whom were trained in Israel and systems who profit off of violence, war, oppression.

This is a simple reminder too that …

You are loved.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

Meanwhile, those in power want us suppressed and oppressed.

And the oligarchs & billionaires are laughing all the way to the bank cashing in on these growing divisions they created that some of us bought into instead of unifying voices to end collective punishment, violence, oppression so that ALL OUR families CAN be safe & free from harm.

Energetically, shitola going to get real.

Like really real

It’s big.

It’s multi-level

If we are NOT living in a way of devotion, stewardship, authenticity, and integrity, the Universe will call us out on our BS.

There is NO escaping this.  Old patterns, old wounds, ancestral trauma, past life trauma are all surfacing simultaneously for us to face and heal.

It is a time to face our resistance.

Face hard truths.

Face the Triggers & wounds.

Pause and listen to the quiet whispers beckoning for us to take some action, clear out old harmful patterns, and heal old wounds.

We all have wounds … it is NOT an excuse to project our wounds onto another… our duty is to tend to our wounds. Be aware of how we react and show up BETTER!!!

We are in revolutionary times.

This also means ALL of us are being called to address our unresolved crap… myself included… and remember the power of our ancestors and reclaim aspects lost or stolen due to oppression, war, violence, etc.

Remember, as we talked about in the 2024 Energy forecast in the podcast, this is a dragon year … a year of upheaval and reclamation.

When energies align, I will be doing an election forecast as I have done in the past for the last several elections.  Stay tuned.

Now, Let’s get to work, shall we?

Peace out.