TSM Episode 32: Journeying With An Inner And Outer World

Welcome to Episode 32 of “Triggers and Spiritual Medicine” with your host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph, and our guest, L Faunt.

Join us as for a deep conversation about real world happenings and explore the journey of inner and outer healing. We’ll delve into spiritual practices and their transformative impact on our well-being.

L Faunt shares their personal journey and offers three simple tips to start your own healing journey.

About L:

L aka DivinatX Inner and Outer Worlds (they/them) is an experienced performing and visual artist, fitness instructor, intuitive reader and home decluttering specialist. Their eclectic interests bring them to unite people through laughter, witty observations and looking at life unconventionally.

Website: https://divinatx.my.canva.site/

Spiritual background/longer bio site: https://divinatx.my.canva.site/divinatx-bio

Instagram: llfaunt
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BellyFit® With Tracy Durso

Join us for a uniquely feminine spiritual fitness class to awaken your inner goddess with a fusion of fitness, belly dance, mindfulness and yoga. Expect a short grounding meditation, 30 mins of sacred feminine dance to activate the chakras, and 20 minutes of strength work and restorative stretching on the yoga mat.

Feel strong, sexy, and soulful!

All levels welcome.

Gym shoes recommended. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.

See what others are saying about this class:

“This was my first class and I loved it. I felt so feminine and lucky to be in my body and bring out the goddess in me.” – Marianne

“Not only is Tracy an amazing instructor, but also an amazing female role model. I look forward to class each week and it provides me energy, motivation, and the positivity to manage the week ahead.” – Michelle

“My job requires me to spend a lot of time standing and I always thought I wouldn’t have the energy for an evening class but the Bellyfit class was a revelation to me. After just one class I felt more energized and happy, Bellyfit is a perfect combination of dancing and stretching that helped relax my tight muscles.” – Kirsten


About your facilitator:

A certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a chakra healing practitioner through The Reiki Group Academy, Tracy Durso helps women listen to their bodies, release negative energy, and find the balance they need to keep moving forward with grace. A Bellyfit® and Bellyfit Flow™ instructor with a focus on embodiment, she is also creator of Empower Dance, a cardio dance fitness program that features popular music with uplifting lyrics about self-love and inner strength.