TSM Episode #19: Rethinking Our Space: Resizing For Bigger Living

Welcome to Episode 19 of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine podcast with host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph. Join us for amazing podcast episode on “Rethinking Our Space: Resizing For Bigger Living” with author & multi-vocational woman, Judy Granlee Gates.

Judy brings a different lens to the conversation about how we live in our homes and helps us to reframe how we view our space after 34 years in the residential construction industry. She helps us to create more space by rethinking how we relate to our space and re-sizing.

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A fourth-generation small business owner and multi vocational woman, Judy Granlee-Gates has worked in Residential Construction for 34 years and strives for continual improvement in her processes. She is a driven problem solver and uses her organizational skills to benefit her customer’s experience. An award-winning custom home builder and remodeler, dozens of her projects have been recognized on local, state and national levels and her company received a Pacesetter Award from Custom Home Magazine for outstanding customer experience. Judy utilizes her degree in Education, Training and Development to take her customers through the homebuilding and remodeling process with confidence, fun and outstanding results. Her first Job was decluttering the supply are of her mom’s busy hair salon at the age of 7 and she is decluttering for herself and others to this day.

Judy released Bigger Living, Smaller Space; Resizing for a Clean and Cozy Home on 1/31/23. Her book focuses on the challenges clutter brings to our lives and how to solve it, room by room, or the entire home. She takes great joy in figuring out ways to repurpose sentimental family items that are part to part with. She helps you resize your current home, and explain what to consider if you are considering going smaller. Judy is an advocate of smaller living without sacrifice.

She is a construction industry blogger, owns a successful and popular Vacation Home Rental in Central Washington, avid note writer and sender, an active philanthropist, and artist. Judy is the parent of a grown “singleton” and lives in Washington State with her husband and pets.


Additional Resources:

Clutter and anxiety: https://www.mother.ly/home/its-science-clutter-can-actually-give-you-anxiety/


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