Learn How To Bless Your Junk & BE Empowered

Be awakened. Be empowered. Be Informed. Be Healed.

We all have junk … Do we not? We all have junk aka “stuff” lurking in our shadows … in our closets … in the depths of our minds.
These are exciting times for GREAT change. Although it may be perceived differently. Truths are being revealed, shadows are coming to the light, and the divine feminine continues to rise up. We are being called to be something greater than we are. In order to be who we fully are, we need to bless our junk.
The challenge is that humans do not like change nor like to face the darker sides of ourselves. Despite the positivity of many changes we may know, we still resist change.
Get awakened in the mind. Get awakened in the body. Get awakened in the spirit.
It is time to stop living life ruled by fear! Have the courage to step forward fully into your power; see your life in a way beyond what you think it can be; and free yourself from the shackles of the past. It begins with blessing your junk
To bless your junk means to take all the pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, etc and transform it for wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and success.
The energies in the Universe are perfectly aligned to assist you in the process right now.


  • Learn how to take your old traumas (personal, generational, and karmic) and stories and bless them.
  • Learn how to let go so you can Free Yourself of your past and take back your power.
  • This is an interactive class designed to help enlighten you and empower through your shadows and into the light.
  • We will get real, raw, authentic. Face our shadows and bring them into the light in a supportive, compassionate environment.
  • Transform your story. Write a new chapter you were destined to write.
  • This class is jam packed filled with numerous exercises to help you discover you and bless your junk.

Class materials and notebook included. Light snacks provided

Class size limited to 8

Introductory Investment: $68
Register by May 1st: $55

Registration deadline: June 22nd.

A Little More About Your Facilitator:

As an empath, I can feel very deeply …

As a survivor of repeated abuses/trauma that resulted in complex post traumatic stress disorder, I’ve learned true healing doesn’t come from a pill or from an external source …

As a healer I have worked with many trauma survivors and abuse victims over the last 15 years witnessing their courage to heal commence and triumph over their struggles …

As a speaker, many of you have heard me talk about healing trauma, healing our past, and blessing are junk throughout the years.

You don’t have to be a trauma survivor to benefit from this class, but considering that at least 1 in 3 people in our society have experienced a traumatic event as a result of abuse, understanding the roots to what’s buried in our own darkness is crucial to healing, restoring wholeness and empowerment. This does not include other forms of trauma as a result of an accident, life situation, Health crisis, or natural disaster.

So trauma is much more deeply rooted in us more than we think and effects the overall quality of Health and well-being. Unresolved trauma festers in the cellular tissues resulting in chronic illness, dis-ease, cancer, depression, poor relationships, and more.

Learning to bless your junk helps shift perspective, opens doors to help you reclaim your power, and create the life you were intended to create.

This class was designed as a result of a combination of my 15-year healing Journey from trauma combined with my healthcare background, my domestic abuse advocacy, my professional training, as well as my personal and professional experiences.

To Register:

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