Harness & Master The Secrets To Your POWER in 2022

Learn the mechanics of HOW and transform your life in this 3 part interactive experiential virtual workshop series

If you clicked on a link and you are reading this, there is a reason. Thank you and thank yourself too (you will be glad you did).

Let’s uncover what’s blocking you from BE-ing in your full power, and harness it with simple easy to learn time tested exercises backed by a facilitator with immense personal & professional experience of almost 20 years.

Heal old stories & trauma (personal, generational, karmic & past life) stealing your joy, purpose, and life. Learn HOW to turn triggers into super powers.

This is a three part interactive experiential virtual workshop series NOT a lecture series that is designed to help you make breakthroughs you have been seeking but maybe never considered THIS as a possibility.

This event is NOT pre-recorded. This event is a LIVE interactive experiential virtual event on Zoom.

We will dive deep in the operating systems of our subconscious minds to reveal what needs upgrading or purging preventing us from BE-ing in the fullness of our power..

This program comes at a time where the craziness of the world perpetuates more divide and harm knowingly or unknowingly avoiding the key root issues.

Are you ready to change and up level yourself?

Join me and learn how to harness & master these three super powers.

We chose these dates with the 1st New Moon of 2022 on January 2, 2022 at the start of our course and the 1st Full Moon of 2022 is on January 17, 2022 at the completion of our course.

This is a GREAT course to kick off the new year with 2 POWERFUL moon cycles to start the year off strong and the timing can not be more perfect with this moon cycle.

This course also makes a GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT to ask for or give as a gift to someone you love this holiday season.

Who This Program Is For:

This program is anyone called to it for whatever reason and/or for those

  • seeking deep guidance, direction and breakthroughs through a series of experientials.
  • who feel like they are doing everything right, but not matter what they “do”, they can’t seem to make the breakthroughs they are seeking. They want to understand what is missing and make a change.
  • for those who want to improve outcomes, results, and manifestations.
  • who want to break cycles, but don’t know how because everything else they tried has not worked or worked effectively enough.
  • who are struggling with triggered responses

Part 1: The POWER of the Word

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

7-9pm (NY-EST)

 (1st New Moon of 2022 on January 2, 2022)

Words have energy do they not?

If you are saying to yourself right now, “yeah yeah yeah. I have heard this. I do this work. I have done affirmations and mantras.” I want to challenge you. Let’s uncover what is unseen buried in the subconscious mind through a series of experientials.

Words have spiritual power is also what makes gaslighting so effective to create harm, but why haven’t we mastered the power of the word to empower us? Learn what is missing and how to harness this simple power to breakthrough imaginary walls and empower our very BEing.

We will use some very simple Japanese concepts rooted in Shinto teachings. There is a reason why Japan did NOT have a written language until Buddhist was imported in 4th century.

Part 2: The POWER of the Pause

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

7-9pm (NY-EST)

The RBG Superpower
This is the most widely known concept, but the most misunderstood. Shift the power of the word and shift the energy driving it by learning not just to pause, but learn how to master the pause.

Bring clarity into the problem and identify HOW you can move towards an effective solution.

Learn what is missing and how to harness this simple power. THIS was the power that Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) mastered that enabled her to win five our of six supreme court cases. Are you ready?

Part 3: The POWER of Processing

Tuesday, January 18th

7-9pm (NY-EST)

(1st Full Moon of 2022 is January 17th)

Feel. Understand. Let Go.
How many times have you heard “just let go and move on” Well if we knew HOW to do this effectively, we would, right?

Emotions are energy in motion.  This is a step I witness most folks wanting to avoid, escape from, or numb ourselves from.  Learn why this is a crucial step that is needed and why processing our junk effectively matters.

By Learning HOW to effectively process our “stuff”, we gain clarity. We gain understanding. We make sense of things. We deal with our “stuff” in a healthier way so it is NOT running like a toxic operating system running in the background of our minds sabotaging our efforts.

How we process starts with our own tool box.

Join us an learn HOW.

Are you ready?

About Your Facilitator:

Laura Joseph is New England native located just south of Boston. She goes by the pronouns she/her. She is a seasoned multi-generational healer, speaker, intuitive, holistic health practitioner, educator, truth seeker, social justice junkie, trauma survivor, trauma recovery specialist, seer, & earth based medicine woman.

Laura is currently working on getting certified in addictions counseling and is learning every day through various teachers on the topics of privilege, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and decolonizing the mindset.

What started out as trying to learn how to fix the broken me after succession of various form of abuse Laura endured culminated by domestic violence, let to her career practicing spiritually based integrative holistic health enrichment since 2006.

This program is born out of the accumulation of teachings, personal growth, healing & recovery and her professional experience helping thousands of others in their path.

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Spiritual Medicine With Jaguar During Times of Civil Unrest

Spiritual Medicine During Times of Crisis 

My heart is aching as I continue to find my place in this world.  This has been quite the spiritual journey in the depths of the shadow realm this year, and there is a LOT surfacing personally, collectively, karmicly, and generationally in the first 6 months amidst a COVID19 outbreak with growing protests & civil unrest.

A spiritual message is born.

We are going now into our 12th week broadcasting LIVE:  3x a week in our Facebook group (free to join);  1x a week in the Web of Love on Zoom; 1x a week for Jikiden Reiki Practitioners on Zoom.

Each week, I have been consistently offering extra support, spiritual guidance, spiritual medicine, Gokai, meditation, and movement. We have learned so much in these gatherings.

In this post, I will talk about:

  • What We Have Learned So Far
  • My Premonition 10 Years Ago
  • My 2020 Forecast
  • Then COVID Happened – The spirit message
  • The Current Civic Unrest – what it means spiritually and energetically
  • The Culmination – A string of energetic, solar events, protests and other events on Friday 5/29/20
  • Spiritual Medicine with Jaguar

Here is what we have learned so far:

  • reaching out through the virtual world can be powerful medicine
  • coming together as a group through the virtual world can be powerful medicine
  • “Trust our instincts” and “ego destruction” has been consistent messages we have been seeing play out throughout our 12 weeks together

For me – I have learned to trust my premonitions and spiritual guidance and NOT try to pretend to make what I see better than it really is.

My premonition

I had a vision that began over 10 years ago. Obama was running for President at the time. I recall when I first talked about what I saw during a private psychic medium party I was asked to give guidance to the attendees. At the end of the event, I was asked what I saw coming, and I recall saying, there is a code, if we see difficult times ahead, we try not to feed it, but try to adjust to it for spiritual growth.

What I saw – I said I feel war coming on our soil. I did not know what or how at the time. I sat with this for quite some time. I mentioned that I felt it would be bigger than 9/11, but unsure of time frame or how.

That was the beginning, as time went on, my vision has NOT waived, and it actually got clearer.

About 3 years ago, I sat in ceremony with some very deeply connected and rooted spiritual friends.  The vision I had was quite disturbing. I saw red skies at night and people running around screaming. I heard “you are going to see a lot of this. Do not get off your path”.

It was shortly thereafter, I saw a war being waged a different kind of war. The clarity came in.  I did not see bombs and was told this is not the same kind of weapons. I saw the use of technology and bio-weaponry being used.

The 2020 Forecast

kalhh / Pixabay

My January 2020 forecast was difficult for me to write. It came in 2 parts as I felt something quite disruptive trying to emerge that I struggled with for over two weeks trying to find a way to make this a positive forecast for folks.

As January moved forward everything I was feeling was coming into play.

Click here for my 2020 Forecast with three things 2019 taught us and three things to know to navigate in 2020 and click here for the updated forecast with the karmic kicker with four tips to move forward posted at the end of January 2020.

Then COVID Happened

We got blindsided. It did not matter how prepared we were, this took the average person by surprise. Those in a position of power knew about this virus in advance.  Check out my COVID forecast here.

In the beginning, I found myself highly triggered and my fight/flight/freeze response kicked into HIGH gear. I had to sit with this. Then I wrote my response to what was happening from a TRAUMA perspective where I talked about facing the shadows & healing during Covid.

This was an invitation to hope, healing and guidance during some very challenging times of cocooning.

I told a story that is relative to what is happening all around me with the growing mental health crisis I am witnessing before my eyes and hoped it will shed light for someone who needed it.


We are six months into 2020 and things keep spiraling out of control with greater velocity.

I am witnessing so many folks highly charged & triggered with much surfacing out of the depths from the shadows on so many fronts. Instead of addressing what is surfacing, folks are resorting to very toxic egoic reactionary triggered behavior.

The current energetic climate is amplifying what’s already there.

Addictions up.

Suicides up.

Violence up.

Domestic Violence up.

Racist attacks UP.

We, in New England, forget how women were burned at the stakes for simply loving nature and having a connection to plant medicine. Then we have the indigenous who were brutally genocidally massacred. The Wampanoag are who greeted the first white man are now being faced with LOSING THEIR LANDS FEDERALLY.

The soil we reside on is riddled with many centuries worth of oppression, trauma, rooted in a colonized mindset model buried deep in the subconscious DNA of the collective birthed from the very soil we’ve tainted and poisoned.

We need to be mindful of what triggers surface for us as we move forward. We need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Pronto.


  • Call in the appropriate help whether a mental health counselor or
  • Hire a BIPOC coach to help you understand your own white privilege, white fragility and want to learn how to unpack your stuff
  • or book a private session with me in person or virtually

Please do NOT escalate what’s bubbling inside to violence, oppression and hate.

We all must do the inner work being REQUIRED of us. There is NO avoiding it as talked about CONSISTENTLY in almost every post in recent years.

The Culmination

Then CAME THIS message Friday, 5/29/20 with pieces to the puzzle coming together with interesting updates:

The date: 5/29/20 = 2 in numerology = balance/duality/change in a closing of a chapter

In light of what’s happening especially in USA today with protests, rallies and the arrest of Officer Chauvin.

Lions gate jellyfish suddenly washing up on our shores TODAY on the beach by me. These things apparently pack quite the sting.

NASA cams suddenly went down today 15min prior to a big solar event.

Emotions especially anxiety/ptsd type, fatigue/energy challenges and sleep issues were affected. I now know why.

Finally … The sun threw its FIRST BIG SOLAR M CLASS FLARE TODAY in years since 2017.

And Schumann’s resonance jumped up to an amplitude over 60 – The Chart was not easily able to read that day.

This is big.

There’s lots to process and digest just with this.

Today’s Spiritual Medicine With Jaguar

Here is a quick highlight from this morning’s FB Live – bridging all this together. I apologize for low sound quality. I am unsure how to boost that for you.

Video Flow:

  • Check in
  • Prayer/Invocation
  • Spiritual Medicine with Jaguar
  • Brief Meditation
  • Movement to “Dragonborne”
  • About Robin and Rabbit

Where do we go from here?

Do we continue resisting what the divine whispers aka soul whispers within are guiding for us?

Do we give in to our triggers, rage, anger, worry?

Do we finally buckle up our bootstraps and face our shadows with courage knowing this is the ONLY way through?

Remember, what we see externally is only a mere reflection of what is internal. Go inside, and you will find the super powers that reside ready to be unleashed when you beckon the call.

In the meantime, can we at least start with a discussion in the comments below???

Let me know your thoughts on this post.

Dragon Warrior

With appreciation,


Spiritual Medium, Healer, Speaker, Writer, Metaphysician, Advocate, Holistic Health Practitioner, Facilitator, Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Specialist and Spiritual Badass.

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