New Moon Energies Dec 2019, 3 Things We Are Learning & 3 Tips to Navigate Through It All

Today we chat about these new moon energies, what it all means, 3 things we are learning, & 3 tips to navigate through it all into 2020 & the new decade.

New Moon in Capricorn – What does it mean?

New moons are about new beginnings and fresh starts in general

This new moon is setting the stage to prepare us the incoming new year and new decade in #4 year in numerology.

This is BIG

This is about change, letting go, and renewal.

Change is a constant in the grand scheme of the Universe and 2019 was a BIG year for change and transformation to prepare us for a powerful 2020. I will go into this in a separate video.

In this video you will learn:

  • 3 things this new moon is teaching us
  • 3 Tips to navigate these energies
  • Plus, upcoming event updates


  1. I do not do astrology and I am NOT an astrologist
  2. I am sensitive to energy
  3. I am a natural born multi-generational psychic medium
  4. I am an amateur cosmology lover as I understand the science and affects of space weather on our very cores.