A Day On Cape Cod: Osprey Medicine

Why self care matters – at least to me.

I am in the business of energy balance, healing, spiritual guidance, mentorship, and transforming lives. How my vessel is maintained is crucial to my work. If I am exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, or unwell, I am not at the best I can be for who I serve.

If I want my clients to listen to the guidance given to them, then I must walk the walk. To me, it is the easiest form of helping another – leading by example.

There has been a LOT of growth, transformation, breakthroughs, healing, and more this year. That kind of movement can throw anyone well disciplined off tracks from time to time as it can feel like a treadmill speeding up but you can not always keep up. So, you pause a moment.

As a result of all this growth, I made a commitment to myself earlier this year to make room for more self care, personal development, self growth, healing, unplug, and connection to the divine as it going to be needed moving forward.

I have attended 2 one day retreats already this year, a sisterhood of the staffs gathering, and a sacred community weekend event with indigenous elders. I have more planned still this year including Italy and Vancouver.

For me, this allows me to come back and be present and be of service to others in need more effectively. This is not about going out traveling and partying. It is about listening to the needs of the soul and the wisdom of the body to flourish.

A Few Days on Cape Cod:

Photo: Laura Joseph – Swan Pond, Cape Cod, MA August 2019. All Rights Reserved

This week I took a few days off to go to Cape Cod for some much needed self care to reboot my energy, gain some insight, heed to calls of the wisdom of my own body, and the meet the needs of my soul.

I spent a great deal of my time kayaking for at least 3 hours every morning while invoking meditation, ceremony, connection to our Great Mother Earth, and divine wisdom.

One of the message bearers came from Osprey soaring the skies effortlessly, making it’s presence known with it’s unique calling, taking chances on questionable housing, and blended with the natural landscape when needed to ground itself with the medicine of the trees.

They are truly a majestic bird of prey and hunter of the oceans. Unlike the cousin, hawk, the osprey is a true master of the air, land, and oceans with the alchemy of fire.


Osprey medicine can come when we are faced with overwhelming or uncomfortable times in our lives.

Photo: Laura Joseph, Bass River, Dennis, Cape Cod, MA August 2019. All Rights Reserved

In my case, they can serve as a reminder to make sure my boundaries are healthy and clear enough to command the respect we desire from others.
As I observed continuously on the daily, osprey have sharp keen vision and can fearlessly dive into the oceans with sharp talons to catch it’s prey.

Finally, the osprey is also interestingly enough associated with solar forces with the alchemy of fire. What does this mean? Because, it has no fear of the sun, it is able to hunt and see unhindered by it.

It is able to work through the land (physical body), the air (the mental body, thoughts) and the ocean (the emotional body) to transform and transmute and misqualified energies within.

Its power and majesty make the Osprey an important symbol in spiritual and esoteric activities. It helps those who view it as a symbol of strength and power.

Because of this, osprey, like its cousin hawk, may be viewed as a messenger of the gods, with its swift wings and mastery over air, land and the oceans. It can fly anywhere as well as get anything it wants in a seemingly effortless way.

The Osprey is connected with Hermes or Mercury linked to communication and divine inspiration. As I witnessed these past few days, the osprey was quite vocal when it needed to be.

Photo: Laura Joseph, Bass River in Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA – August 2019. All Rights Reserved.

This Week’s Osprey Medicine:

  • Control over our own fate
  • Clarity of vision
  • Know your true power
  • Soar the skies effortlessly
  • Mastery over emotions and communication
  • Be Precise
  • Trust in our abilities backed by the confidence to know they can achieve their goals.
  • Message bearer – communication, divine inspiration
  • Avoid distractions
  • Motivation

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A Cardinal Message From Spirit

Written: April 9, 2013

The time is 5:35 a.m. and the faint sounds of what could be thunder in the distance get my attention or could it be the sounds of the trash being picked up from the dumpster? The sound happens once more, but once again too faint to clearly identify. Then at approximately 5:55 a.m. a much louder repeated echoing boom happened. Ahhhhh the confirmation it was thunder.

One could take one road to the dark, dank, depressing side of the morning and say, “oh how I wish I were still in bed right now”. However, realizing the rain is required for the earth to flourish … for spring flowers to bloom … and for nourishment to all life, I embraced the rain.

As I begin to leave my home wondering if I was going to be stuck in a downpour, I remind myself that it is April 9th and it will be 70 degrees and sunny later on. So I smiled and left my house.

It is now 6:06 a.m. Amidst the dankness and drizzle appears, red cardinal to my right about 10 feet above me brightly displayed on a limb of a branch as if I were watching a black and white film with a red hand colored painted bird singing his song and bolstering his voice. As I walk by him, I am reminded and in awe of his beauty. I felt as if I were watching a movie reel, but instead of the bird was not moving, I was the one moving and watching him as I slowly walked to my car.

His voice was clearer and louder and more beautiful than all the other morning songs combined by the other birds. This is not the first time I have heard him as I hear him every morning. So why is this day different? It is how he presented himself to me, and in a way I knew without a doubt it was a message.

What does this all mean?

Well, for you, it can mean something completely different. One thing I have learned over the years is that nature and the universe works in synchronicity with our lives and will always present messages to us if we dare to listen. You can do all your research you want and what others say a meaning is. However, in the end, the meanings are customized in your own language that you must learn to interpret.

The rains

Symbolically, the rain can be a reflection of emotions and can symbolize rebirth, sadness, or cleansing. What it means to you is different than what it means to me. For me, it is symbolic of cleansing and rebirth and to know I am safe and protected. It is also to remind me to call upon my angels and ascended masters more as confirmed by the times which in numerology are reflected by the four and five. The four is about the angels and the five is all about transition.


The rumble of thunder was to get my attention and to help me realize the inner power and strength I have to overcome this latest obstacle in my life. Thunder is symbolic of great energy and power and is also associated with Zeus, the god of all gods. Hearing the thunder in the background is a reminder to harness my inner energy and power.

Cycles and Numerology

We are nearing the end of one cycle and beginning a new as represented by the date, which in numerology is a ten number. It is also a time of spring which has a long history of spiritual significance throughout the world. Spring is a season symbolic of rebirth, resurrection, and a time when great confrontations and polarities occur in nature: darkness and light, death and rebirth. For me, it is an important stage of self-realization and empowerment and a reminder that the darkness is fading and light is returning.

What does the cardinal mean?

The cardinal may be a small bird, but it is strong and rich in color and voice, which happen to be the strongest characteristics of this bird. Because this bird is a year round resident, it is associated with the number 12. This can mean a host of things from changes occurring within the next 12 days, 12 weeks, or 12 months; or it can mean communication. Since this was a male cardinal, it is associated with perseverance. Since I am female and if I were to call on the female cardinal inside, it would be associated with intuition.

The color of the cardinal is also very significant. Once again, what it means to you can be different from what it means to me. The bright red color has associations to the base chakra, to the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, and to the kundalini in yoga.

The message

The message for me is a simple reminder to listen to my gut and rise above the situation no matter how dire it appears to me. The message is reminding me to see the bigger picture and sing loud enough for the whole world to hear me in a voice that is strong, confident, unwavering, and louder than all the other voices around me. Keep singing until someone hears me and never give up. It is time to activate the personal power within and leave behind all fears and excuses.

Considering the very challenging events that have transpired over the past two weeks, I am grateful to spirit for this day and for this confirmation message I needed to empower my strength and courage and quell my fears. Thank you for helping me walk the walk, speak my true voice, and have the strength and confidence to do so.

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