8 Reasons Why Virtual Circles Are Beneficial & Still Needed

I know many of us are clamoring to get outside and to resume in person events again or “get back to normal”.

Am I correct in saying so?

I know for me, I will be looking forward to both attending and offering in person events myself including resuming our in person meditation groups, classes, and our popular women’s retreats while also utilizing the magic only virtual events and circles can give us.

I will also add, there is NO such thing as “get back to normal”.

Instead, We change. We evolve. We grow.

For those who do NOT know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Joseph first so you know where I am coming from.   I have been providing spiritually based integrative holistic health enrichment since 2006, and have a subspecialty in trauma healing & recovery.

Since March 2020, I’ve been providing these virtual circles as a way to support our community that was suddenly struck with crisis putting my training & spiritual gifts to use in a virtual platform. Since then, we’ve had folks join us from our local area, but have also had guests periodically join us from Scotland, Denmark, Canada, FL, NM, CA, GA, and more.

Despite my desire to resume in person events, I do find a special place where these virtual circles are still needed and offer a special benefits.

So, I thought I would share a few reasons with you.

Here Are 8 Benefits of Virtual Circles:

1.Travel is unnecessary. Therefore, takes no extra time, and causes no stress.

2. Meet others that you normally would not meet in person.

3. A virtual space can offer a safe place to gain clarity, seek guidance, and/or allow yourself to process old energies, stories, emotions etc.

4. You can stay safe in your own environments especially if you’re running in between clients or multitasking at home.

5. You can benefit from social support without fear of getting infected or spreading anything.

6. Caregivers or home schoolers can stay in the same place as your loved ones without the need to secure extra care or help.

7. You don’t have to wear heels or dress up … unless you want to. So go ahead & wear those slippers or PJ bottoms.

8. Go outside walking your dog or taking the baby for a stroll in the neighborhood

Your Are Invited to the Experience

I invite you to join us at one of the upcoming virtual events and circles. Please visit our calendar for dates & times.

Be seen.

Be heard.

Be supported in a safe nurturing diverse & inclusive virtual circle.

Here’s what you might experience:

The ability to enter into a safe container

A place where you can comfortably ease into a deep dive of vulnerability and trust effectively.

Some virtual love, circle, community, or extra support.

Some spiritual medicine – spirit animals, earth based wisdom, psychic spirit medium insight, numerology and more.

Cosmic energy reports that often affect our lives, health, businesses, gps, cell phones & other gadgets that might give you better insight into what is happening in your world.

Rituals, ceremony, and movement.

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I would LOVE to see you and support you in your journey.

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