6 Tips To Guide You Towards Soul-fillment in 2016

What a year 2015 has been. No matter where you are in your spiritual quest, I think there is one thing we all shared … GROWTH.

I wrote about my reflections called “Reflections as We Close Out 2015 – 5 Lessons 2015 Taught Me”.   If you are unsure of your path or where you are going, then I suggest you read that post. Hopefully, it can help open you to a whole new perspective.

So many of us are resisting the path of soul. One way I chose to connect was through nature. Nature is such a beautiful aid in our path if we just slow down from the fast pace and demands of society and learn to reconnect again. I received many messages and signs from the divine here

  • In the form of heart rocks,
  • Animal interactions such as the turkey, hawk, coyote, rats, blue jay and crow,
  • Some funky clouds in the shapes of hearts, angels, or other distinctive shapes,
  • Rainbows or the like.

Probably one of the greatest “A-ha” type messages came to me from the turkey over this past year which I also talked about in previous posts.  Turkeys have served as a great reminder of where I’m going and to let go of fear. Even though I KNOW to trust in the divine, my soul, and my spirit team, my ego still likes to throw out temptations to fear and all that I am letting go. That is the will of ego. That is also what makes us human while giving us the lessons our souls came here to learn in this lifetime.

The juvenile that captured
Laura’s attention. for 45 min

Recently, they gave me a blessing knowing it’s safe to trust and tools to know difference. Around Thanksgiving, I watched one of the juvenile turkeys go round and round and round a mirror outside my home for over 45 minutes.  I chuckled at the behavior as the other four were eating the fallen bird seed from the feeder wondering what the message he was trying to make and then I heard it from Spirit.

#messagefromspirit: “Face your shadow self so your true self may emerge.

I am now further along in my spiritual path developing a strong partnership with soul and my spirit team.  To sum up last year, I learned many things which all lead to my overall spiritual growth.

Right now, Mother Earth is filled with chaos in the world at this time from terrorism, to senseless acts of violence, the radiation leakage from Fukushima, to the dying sea life, extreme weather patterns, greed, addictions, wars, etc. Some are calling it the beginning of Armageddon or World War III or the final prophecy of Nostradamus.

I attribute the global chaos to a loss of connection to soul … the divine self … source energy mixed with a segment of the population eagerly seeking a divine connection to source energy and soul. When we awaken from the realities of what society has dictated to us in a false sense of reality to one that aligns with our soul in our true reality, things get shaken up, and our vibrational alignments change.

That is what I see happened increasingly over the past few years, but especially in 2015.  Many have been challenged especially in the areas of learning to let go and trust that your soul has your back. Because if you let go and trust, then that means you lose control. Right?  Actually, the opposite is true. When you let go, you are in full control of your own personal realities and you shift seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Your very vibration changes and aligns with soul and source energy.

The human race can let you down. Governments can let you down. However, your soul and your spirit team will always be by your side.  I also learned throughout the years that your head and heart will steer you wrong because of ego. However, your gut … your seat of your soul … will never steer you wrong.

Over the years, I learned to let go of what was and a perception of a life I thought I had with the help of my spirit team, angels, and source energy. I slowly surrendered to Spirit or soul over a period of 10+ years letting the Universe guide me. I spent years healing from my traumas learning to nurture the child within and partner with soul.

So what does the year 2016 year hold for us now? It is the year of transformation

There are 6 major focuses for this year which are about:

  • Taking personal responsibility for your life,
  • Accepting what is and all that led you to this point,
  • Having faith in where you are going,
  • Following a more soulful path,
  • Manifesting the means to get there,
  • And trusting your soul has your back.

We are entering a new era of spiritual consciousness and our spirit team, Angels, and soul are waiting for us to build a relationship with them. If you have not started yet, are you ready now?

So what is so special about this year?  This year is a 9 year in numerology. Not only are there various cosmic shifts, but understanding this part is very significant. This means the end of a era is near and the future that you are creating through your vibrational alignment is beginning to come to fruition. However, it also means time to get serious and tie up loose ends. Whatever actions you put in place this year will guide the next phase of your life.

Whether you see yourself in a good place or not so good place right now, you have a choice to make. Are you willing to get to work so you can live a more soul-filled life without the pressure of unresolved matters from the past holding you back? Remember, as one door closes another opens. It is all how we choose to view our world. So if you are stuck thinking nothing will get better and all the doom and gloom, then you will not be able to see all the new opportunities and possibilities that await you.

So you might be asking me how?

We were given the answer as given to me by spirit before: “Face your shadow self so your true self may emerge.”  We spend more time running away from self, than getting to know self.  This is why partnering with soul is so important. Talk to soul. Email soul. Go out to dinner with soul. Facebook soul. Text soul.  Get to know yourself and all the divine wisdom you hold within. ALL the answers you seek lie within.

First, take personal responsibility for where you are at in your life. You can not move forward without that. It is important to release all the attachments – emotional, mental, physical – that no longer serve you for your highest and best.

Secondly, accept what is. Accept everything in your past and feel all those buried emotions you have not been able to feel.  Right now see yourself as the caterpillar inside the cocoon  trying to crack it open with the tip of a wing or the leg of a butterfly beginning to emerge, but can’t because it has not fully evolved yet. Making peace with your emotional realities is crucial to breaking free.

If you currently feel stagnant or stuck, I want to say to you it is because you are resisting and letting fear control your progress. It also means you are quite close to acceptance, but something is holding you back.  This is usually something in the emotional plane. So what ends up happening is that certain situations or experiences that you have been attempting to put behind you are constantly repeating themselves. In some cases it is like rapid machine gun fire.

It is important to be in touch with your emotions and all the cords attached to them in order to heal them, process them, and move forward.

Like I said earlier, many also have chosen the path of resistance whether it is done consciously or subconsciously. If you choose to not accept things or to take personal responsibility for your life and let go of stuff, then the patterns of repeating the same old situations with same mistakes continue. Many will continue to feel dissatisfied and unhappy, and many times continue to blame everything and everyone for their life circumstances.

For this to change, it is important to accept the new realities before you. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions need to be in complete vibrational alignment. How you navigate your emotions this year will play a big role in your path and overall spiritual development.

Thirdly, have unwavering faith in where you are going. You are no longer that caterpillar, but an emerging butterfly. It is important to make the necessary alterations and improvements in all areas of your life this year. Just like the caterpillar who can not see inside the cocoon, it knows it will soon emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

THEN … Only then will you be ready to break free.

You have a choice … a choice to longer live in the past and emerge as the beautiful butterfly that you are or not. That is your choice.

Since this is a 9 year, things are ending. Why do we fear endings? All this means is you have the freedom to choose the beginning of the next phase of your life. It is all how we choose to focus and see things. So shift your perspective, and you will shift your results.

Free yourself from the restraints, erroneous beliefs, and illusions of the past. Why continue to be stagnant? Let go. Break free from that cocoon that is holding you back from shining. The new things you are trying to accomplish will only bring more frustration and resistance until you release the old.

Activate your personal power and give yourself the gift of healing and soul-fillment.

Partner with your soul, your spirit team, and angels. Ask them for strength, guidance, and help in this transformation.

You are not alone. You can not fly like the butterfly until these endings and purges are complete. Let your divine team help you in the process. They are waiting for you to call upon their assistance, and trust that your soul has your back if nothing else.


An important message my spirit team
shared with me and I shared with you

This year is going to be a magnificent year. It is all about how you choose to perceive your world. The Universe is starting off this year with mercury in retrograde. See this as a grand opportunity to get to work. This is the perfect time reevaluate, readjust, and release all the old junk creating resistance in your life.

Shower yourself and all those around you with generosity and compassion. The more you get in touch with self on a deep emotional level, the greater opportunity for growth and change.

This is the year to heal all those unhappy moments in your life as you will be creating a new reality of inner peace and happiness to emerge. You will exchange your erroneous belief systems with new truths and possibilities.

The more you accept where you are at and take personal responsibility for your life, you open the door to all that the Universe has to offer you.

You will morph from the old to the present you and the vibrational alignment you are creating – your will and your desires – will set pace for where you are going.

We create attachments to people, place, and things. When we let go of those emotional attachments, the perspective of our world shifts. You might just feel a huge sigh of relief. Not everything is doom and gloom.

This will be an exciting year if you choose it to be.  It is up to us. However, it is so important to develop a partnership with your soul – the ultimate love affair that lasts for an eternity. Your soul is your guide and can help you attune and navigate the ever changing waves of energy.

We are all one. We are all being called to unite as one for the betterment of all life. We can change the world and make it a better place, but it all starts with finding peace within and to stop the raging wars that reside within self.

Remember, this is just a mere journey … Let go and trust your soul has your back. All is as where is should be. Who is ready to journey with me for an empowering transformative year ?

Thank you all for your love, support, and for being a part of my spiritual journey.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

With light, love, and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
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Calling for PEACE With A Prayer for Healing – Nepal, Baltimore, Chile, Australia …

The past couple weeks have been nuts say the least. Do you agree? There have been many blessings, but many catastrophic tragedies here in the United States and abroad.

Like many of you I have felt a huge sense of emotional fluxuations over the atrocities we have been hearing about all over the world. Spirit has compelled me to share the peace and healing with as many people as I can reach here, in person, or social media to create positive ripples of prayer, faith, and healing.  Hope you will join me in promoting healing.

I started yesterday morning sending great healing to mother earth after hearing the catastrophic earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal …. The chaos currently happening is devastating to say the least to so many and to have so many in short period of time is a sign to pay attention.

There is lots of activity in the Pacific with the devastating earthquake in Nepal

Chilean Volcanic Eruption Photo: CNN

The eruption of the volcano in Chile

The catastrophic storms the ripped through Australia …

The continuation of violence here in the United States and across the globe, but especially Baltimore, Maryland right now…. Baltimore is crying out and many people are in pain. Violence does not and has not solved any conflicts. Never has and never will. Only peace can.

This is not to mention the new massive cauldron building under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming that is 11x the size of the previous discovery. If Yellowstone blows, we are all in a lot of trouble. Do you realize that?

We are being sent messages from the Universe to extremes. Have you been listening or have you been making excuses as to why you can not do something? If you have been following my posts, you will know what I have been speaking of.
An Angel's Love by Laura Healing With Spirit. All Rights Reserved
Photo and Design: Laura Healing With Spirit
Questions to ask yourself
  • Are you following your soulful path?
  • If you have been praying and asking for help, are you opening yourself up to receive?
  • Are you reacting to current events with peace in your heart or anger and rage? This can not be peace in one area and anger in another as each of these are lessons for us to learn.
  • Are you mindful of your actions and reactions?
  • Have you let go of people, situations, and things that no longer serve you for your highest and best? aka those so called energy vampires.
  • Are you paying attention to yourself, inner workings, and your surroundings?

We ALL need to stop and think about how we either show our Mother Earth love or do we abuse her. I keep feeling a lot of what’s happening in the Pacific has a lot to do with her being upset at all the nuclear waste from Fukushima that is poisoning our oceans, sea life and everything else it comes in contact with not to mention our continuation as a species to abuse her and each other as well as all the other atrocities …. Some may call this the beginning of the end of the world. Others say it is Armageddon. I say it is a wake up call for us to choose how we are going to evolve.

Many have lost faith and their path. I discuss this to some degree in my last post in Spirituality and Your Health where I discuss my experiences after the Boston Marathon bombing. At that time of the Marathon bombing, I was teaching medical classes at a local college near the Marathon finish line. Classes were cancelled that day because of the marathon. I wrote about my experiences of that tragic day and the subsequent events that followed. My journey Boston Strong was quite a spiritual one with many revelations.

We hear so many times about the power of prayer and healing, and many of us I believe sometime doubt how powerful it really is. Well I can attest to you the overwhelming feeling I was experiencing at the growing memorial site was just that. I wish everyone could have felt and experienced the immense love, prayers, healing, and unity on a global scale at the newly developing and growing memorial site that I experienced that day. Words
cannot describe it. It can only be felt.

So I ask you to PLEASE be more mindful of your choices, thoughts, decisions, prayers. We are ALL in this together. None of us are immune. We all know what it feels like when another person or situation takes takes takes from us to point we are depleted and energetically exhausted.

Just like we’ve been undergoing lots of changes, so has Mother Earth.  Let’s show Mother Earth we are united together to heal her, and we will no longer abuse her nor each other. Let’s help her transition more smoothly than what she has been showing us lately.

Can I please ask we send our Mother Earth healing, ask for prayers for healing, and begin with ourselves? #Peace peace peace … I pray for peace and it starts with me. It’s an internal job creating peaceful ripples of love outward and onward into the world and the Universe.


“Healing Angel” Given to Laura by a client and
now sharing her healing with you.

Here is a healing prayer to start with:

PRAYER FOR THE DAY: “Infinite God of love and light, our country and our planet is in crisis. Many of your children are currently going through a healing crisis at this current time and are in desperate need of your divine help. So many of your children are confused and blinded by greed, self interests, and conflict.
We desperately need your guidance now more than ever to help us see what is needed to create peace, balance, ad liberty for all life on Earth. Help us find the path to work together instead of conflict in order to find the solutions we need for all life.
Please send the necessary Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and whatever reinforcements needed to assist us in this matter. Please shower us and bathe us with love and healing light. Help us see and acknowledge the necessary changes needed to restore our world. May all the healers and lightworkers unite together sending healing energy throughout the world that is so strong it pulverizes any dis-ease, evil, and negativity in its path.

We ask you to invoke the violet flame to permeate every cell, molecule, and spaces in between in through and around us beginning with us and expanding the healing light outwards encompassing our Mother Earth transmuting all misguided energies. We ask of this with much gratitude and love. Thank you Great Spirit for your assistance in this matter. Have a blessed day.” – Laura Healing With Spirit

Please share this post and let the peace and healing spread far and wide.  Namaste. As always, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback as it helps me help you. Have a blessed day.

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