Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
April 5, 2018

So TODAY was amazing … WOW … Thank you all for sending me such good mojo last night. . The feedback from today’s presentation to approx. 25 business people was overwhelmingly good. THEN to get to my office to a sweet surprise letter in the mail sitting on my desk that just made me melt after such a very hard start to the week. I do not talk much about my own struggles but here it all is written in today’s post … my struggles BUT more importantly the triumph’s and miracles of the day. Thank you all for making my day special. Read more about “When the Unexpected Happens” here: http://laurahealingwithspirit.com/simple-miracles-chaotic-times/ ohhhhh and NEW dark grey and heather purple t-shirts are in – they will be available at the Expo on Sunday

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