Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

What prompted me to seek Laura's services was a Groupon! Not kidding. I kept seeing it and passing it by -- but thinking about it repeatedly. When I did some more research (looking at her website, Facebook pages, etc) I saw that she also taught Reiki certification classes. I was in a very dark place after a series of significant losses that all happened within a short time frame (my parents, my two beloved cat companions, my marriage, my house/home). The hits just kept coming and wouldn't stop. I felt tossed out to sea without a float. I thought a Reiki session and a Level I certification might be a place to try and get my head somewhere different. I was having trouble finding reasons to get out of bed at that point. Reiki kept calling me.

When I had doubts about following through, the universe sent me to a social gathering, where I met Laura in person! Doubt erased. Appointment made. So very grateful I did (grateful for the divine intervention that got me there too!)

The benefits of working with Laura have been profound for me. I would say life saving. Again - not kidding. I attended my Reiki Groupon session and my Reiki Level I Certification hoping to focus on something new to learn to get my head out of a bad place. What I received was tremendous spiritual and emotional healing that has helped me find the inspiration to live again, to move forward, to embrace my life and let go of all that is in the past. I released it at first with a great amount of sadness. I release it now with all my love.

Two of the most significant improvements that have manifested as a result of working with Laura are that I have incorporated a daily prayer/meditation/self Reiki practice that has helped me stay on a healing path. I feel more than capable of living my life. I feel inspired by life again.

Another improvement is that I am finding new ways to keep in touch with my higher self. One of those ways is to keep negative talk in check. Another way was to become vegetarian - something I had long thought about. It's a way to positively extend myself to the world by not participating any longer in the suffering of our food animals and the planetary consequences that result (environmental, spiritual, all of it)

What would I say to someone who is on the fence about trying Laura's Reiki services? I would say if it calls to you, there's a reason. You owe it to yourself to check it out. It's not a mistake that you are thinking of it. Your higher self is trying to lead you to water. Let it!

Thank you Laura, for helping me to open the door back to life, back to my higher self, back to healing. You don't have a gift. You ARE a gift. (heart emoticon)

Greer Post,
Reiki Client
Usui Reiki Workshop and Certification

Laura was the guest medium at The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy pn 6/1. She brought a gentleman through showing himself in profile like jfk. Took a few minutes to register...I had a picture of him in profile. He was the 1 st love of my life. The message she gave from him was exactly what I needed.

Joan McGeehan
Mediumship Demonstration

I first met Laura at A Day With Spirit event at The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy on 3/19/11. I knew at that time that she was supposed to be my teacher for healing with her Reiki classes. She made several references about my Mother during our reading. Within a month my Mother had passed on from pneumonia. Then my Mother left a message thru Laura when she was the guest medium at this same church on 5/15/11. I knew that I had to sign up for Reiki class when she offered them again. When I walked in on the day of class, I was stressed and when I left, I was very relaxed and calm. During the attunement process I felt like I was part of a cloud in the sky. It was very enlightening and peaceful. The hands-on experience was very beneficial to me as well. I believe that I have made my Mother proud. I am looking forward to the Reiki II workshop with Laura. She is an awesome teacher and a beautiful soul!!!

Judy Houle, Northborough, MA
Mediumship Demonstration and Reiki Student

I was a very lucky girl and won the chance to get a free reading from Laura Healing With Spirit. I was in need a of some guidance and believe spirit used her wonderful gift to get through to me. I didnt give her any information, I let her tell me what spirit wanted her to and believe if I hadnt heard her messages I would still be looking for the answers that I was needing. I am very grateful for her caring and kind ability to reach out to people and share the messages she gets from spirit for those of us still on the physical plane. She was wonderful to talk to and made sure all my questions were answered and that I understood what she was telling me. I can not thank her enough for her time... she didnt have to give me the free reading, but it goes to show she truly cares. I look forward to hopefully meeting her inperson in the future. Thanks again Laura!

Kimberly Anne
Medium and Tarot Card Reading

I judge a true healer by appearences. The first time I really SAW Laura was at the Spiritualist Church in Quincy MA on 5/15/11, where she was the guest Medium. I was literally taken aback. She glows, her eyes, her smile, just everything about her shines. Her style was refreashing, and she just made me feel at ease with her appropriate sense of humor. She was right on in her craft, and the messages that came through her really seemed to effect the people they were for. Now, that is a healer I trust. And I would never say this if I did not experience her for myself...

Susan Tavares, Fall River, MA
Mediumship Demonstration

Laura connected with my dad, it was amazing how she got him so accurately! He didn't want to come thru cause he was shy and it was his first time, but the info she got was amazing! HIS great love of SPORTS and how he relaxed in front of the TV was so involved like he was the sportscaster in his own world! Yelling at the players!! he wanted me to be out in the sun and said I needed Vit D which I have been diagnosed with difficiency!! Cannot wait to go back for a private reading.

Michelle TOBIN
Mediumship Demonstration

I won a free telephone one card reading from Laura, what I found most refreshing was that she pulled things out of the card that went way beyond the meaningof the card, she tapped into my energy and brought forth information that was valuable and relevant to my life. It was the best one card reading I have ever had! (and I have had a lot of them).

Tammy - Kingston, MA
Medium and Tarot Card Reading

My reading with Laura was interesting and so accurate! I have been having trouble with breathing at night and she brought that up right away as well as other issues I was experiencing. I couldn't believe how accurate she was! I highly recommend a reading with Laura, you'll be glad you did.

Terrie Coletti
Private Reading

I had a private reading with Laura a week ago. She is an incredible medium and tarot reader. The information I received was right on target for everything going on in my life at this time. I highly recommend her! I have taken her suggestions and they have made a difference.

Sue Boardman, Scituate, MA
Tarot and Medium Reading

Laura is an amazing medium! She brought 3 people through to me and I knew it was them right away. Her communication is excellent and the messages were extremely healing and supported. It was just what I needed at the time and I am so grateful to Laura for giving me exactly what I needed at the time. I would recommend her to anyone.

Beth Bellew, Quincy, MA
Gallery Mediumship Demonstration


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