Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

I decided to join a seminar on spontaneous decision when I came to a Reiki share. It felt like the unknown was drawing me into. I wanted to find out what that was about. I have been certified in Western Reiki Level I & II. It seems that Jikiden is so much more simplified...Laura's teaching skills and experience are tremendous. Her knowledge is overwhelming. This is a real inspiration to learn more and practice, practice, practice. I would recommend Laura to anyone to have a Jikiden Reiki experience. I loved the practice part tremendously and all Laura's tips to improve.

Rima T.,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

The Reiki one course was a unique and powerful experience and yet another opportunity to open the portals into the spiritual world. Laura walked us through the important aspects of the origin of Reiki, led each of us through the attunement process and gave us ample opportunity to practice what we had learned. She is a knowledgeable and a patience teacher. The attunement process for me was a profound spiritual journey back to deeply hidden roots. Since that time my spiritual awareness continues to expand as the veil covering my senses slowly dissipates. During the afternoon we practiced Reiki on each other with some surprisingly accurate discoveries of chronic ailments and physical struggles. There is an innate sense of peace that comes when we connect with our self our soul and glimpse upon our own personal power . I look forward to continuing this spiritual growth through additional Reiki education.

Liz MacFarlane,
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop

When I met Laura at a church function, she spoke about Jikiden Reiki and I was completely intrigued. I had been attuned to Western Reiki many years ago but it didn't hold my attention and it was easy for it to morph into other healing modalities...the class itself challenged me to let go of the need to "control" the healing work and taught me to be the channel for energy and witness. I struggled a bit with the concepts, but Laura was kind and allowed me my struggle while gently and expertly guiding me into understanding. I would recommend Laura to anyone open to learning Reiki, and feel she is especially valuable as a valid bridge to the Western medicine community. She is articulate and knowledgeable and completely believable. I enjoyed this immensely!

Deb Mangelus,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar and Certification

Laura is one of my greatest teachers in life so it was an easy decision to have her be my teacher. I wanted the purest form of Reiki taught to me. Laura lives this lifestyle and exemplifies that art. She explained everything as many times as I needed. When I felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit she didn't let me. She dug in deeper and worked harder with me to explain and teach. This class and Laura has changed my life. I look forward to repeating this class with her to deepen my teachings. I can't say enough about what a beautiful soul she is.

Julie M.,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar and Certification

Laura is a wonderful teacher. She makes everyone feel comfortable and is very funny. I have taken many classes in other places, but for me she has been the best. She is very informative, answers all your questions and makes learning with her easy. I have learned so much with Laura and will definitely be coming back again. She makes learning enjoyable

Miriam Hernandez,
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop and Certification

Laura is an amazing teacher. She is thorough, and passionate, and patient with all questions. I am grateful to have Laura teaching Jikiden Reiki.

Karen Diiorio,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar and Certification

Take this class! Laura has a wealth of knowledge and experience and approaches this with a desire to teach and is rational in her approach...Just a wonderful experience

Jennifer Leach,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar and Certification

The entire experience was more than I expected. Just being there made me calmer and ready to open my mind. I look forward to my next visit and will refer everyone I know! Drinking tons of water tonight to flush out all the bad juju.

Melissa K.,
Reiki Client

Laura is wonderful. A true professional & healer. Looking forward to returning!

Tricia C.,
Reiki Client

Amazing experience. Laura is a very talented woman. She is phenomenal at what she does. She is gifted with a special reiki talent.

Reiki Client


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