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February 1, 2024

Imolc Blessings

… The Beginning of the End of Winter. It marks the halfway point between winter solstice (Yule) & spring equinox (Ostera).

In Celtic pagan traditions, it’s a time that celebrates our relationship to the sun, the element of fire, & our position in the annual cycle of life, death, & rebirth… the loosening of the grip of winter & the promise of spring.

During the time of year, like our ancestors in the Northern hemisphere, we would be seeing the first signs of new life and an elongation of light. Our ancestors would see this as a sign that the barrenness and darkness of winter as well as the dependence on foods, wood, and other supplies that’s been stored away, is nearly over.

The light is returning. For this reason, many Imbolc is also deeply intertwined with the elemental force of fire as mentioned above, symbolizing the returning warmth, the transformative power of light.

It is a time to awaken from the hibernation of winter. To awaken to the first, deep rustlings of rebirth, and of the cool, soft light that bends around the planet before the sun climbs over the horizon into view.

The light from the sun appears warmer.

Animals such as coyotes mate & bear cubs are born.

Crocuses begin to breech the frozen grounds & buds on trees become more apparent.

For this reason, Imbolc is also closely linked w/ fertility, gestation & birth – a the time to honor the Celtic fertility goddess Brigid in her Maiden form.

So today, I’m giving myself the gift of only working half a day today so I can sit, pause, reflect.

I will sip on the soul nourishing tea harvested & blended from last season.

I will move my body & commune w nature

I will light a fire to celebrate all that is, all that was & all that shall be.

I will honor my ancestors & the deepening of my crone-ness phase of life, & rise up like the flame to the beckoning of the calls of wise woman. To be the teacher, mentor, nurturer for all the women seeking my guidance.

I will call in the teachings needed to bridge any gaps as we prepare for our group Pilgrimage Zoomies that start February 12th in preparation for the Sacred Pilgrimage to Ireland in May and the Women’s Retreat in March

How are you honoring this day?

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