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May 12, 2018

Have you ever experienced a Tibetan Singing Bowls healing session or what I like to refer as Vibrational Healing?Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls are hand hammered and have been used for over 1000 years for healing and meditation practices. Medical research is now validating the benefits of these bowls on moods. I have personally witnessed their magic with those suffering from anxiety, ptsd, or those with the “inability to meditate”. Not to mention the physical healing they also bring. You can read the study here: http://laurahealingwithspirit.com/medical-study-of-the-effects-of-singing-bowl-sound-meditation-on-mood-tension-and-well-being/For more on Vibrational Healing visit: http://laurahealingwithspirit.com/services/meditation/vibrational-healing-tibetan-singing-bowls/ 💜 Contact us today to schedule your private vibrational healing session today. Call/text 857-880-0365 or contact us here: http://laurahealingwithspirit.com/contact/ 💜 Our next meditation group with Tibetan Singing Bowls in Hingham at Healing With Spirit is on Monday 5/21 at 6pm 💜 Private sessions and Corporate wellness programs also offered. Visit www.laurahealingwithspirit.com

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