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December 4, 2017

Good morning … I would like to ask everyone here to be extra mindful of your responses to abuse. . . When someone comes forward about being abused … child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assault, bullying … LISTEN without shaming, judging, blaming or criticizing . . Just because you watched a great movie and you became a fan, doesn’t mean those in power are incapable of abuse. Abuse is all about power and control. Period. Wake up please … The rate of abuse in the country is extremely high. Just in custody cases alone, 58,000 children are legally trafficked by way of family courts annually . . . Victim shaming and blaming needs to stop if we are to make a better world. The victims are NOT to blame. The Bill Crosby, Sandusky, Kevin Spacy, Weinstein, of the world are. . . And we sit and wonder why we have so much violence … one of the highest rates in the world. I applaud every victim who has come forward to speak up in hopes the abuse will end. The last thing a victim is seeking is Fame. when a victim comes forward like any whistleblower, many times they are re-victimized by the system and public. Some end up dead. Take your blinders off and fill your heart with compassion for those traumatized by abusers especially by those in a position of power and notoriety. As a survivor of abuse, I learned the only way for abuse to end is by the community coming together and rallying in support of the victim and not the perpetrator. . . Be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem, and I promise you in time we will have a better world with less violence including mass murders and gun violence

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