Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
April 15, 2018

Good morning … Happy Sunday … Loving this awesome natural quartz filled with lots of little crystals I stumbled upon. Talk about cleansing for my soul. Ahhhhhhh ..Mercury stationed direct early this morning. It’s a new moon. Today I will be continuing to let go of “junk” while making room for creating the new in my life. ..Looking forward to today’s Reiki Vibrational Healing Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls at 2pm and the Open Reiki Share at 3:15pm in Hingham. ..Hope you will join us 💜 walk-in welcome. Right now taking a moment to reflect on the events that changed Boston forever 5yrs ago.Take a moment today. Stop. Pause before reacting. Shift. Take a deep cleansing breath and honor the greatness the resides within.@healingtraumathroughspirit

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