Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
February 8, 2018

Good evening. We all got junk. Who doesn’t have junk? Right?We all got stuff we wish would just disappear or brush under the carpet pretending it doesn’t exist whether it’s a loss, betrayal, illness, shame, fear, pain, failure, trauma, etc. Challenge is do you let it control you and you don’t even know it? When we have the courage to face your junk head on, bring it into the light and bless it, we can transform our lives beyond our own imaginations. Are you ready to finally step into your full power and be all who you are?Learn how to bring all that junk out of the shadows and into the light. Learning to bless your junk helps shift perspective, opens doors to help you reclaim your power, and create the life you were intended to create. This class was designed as a result of a combination of my 12-year healing Journey from trauma combined with my healthcare background, my domestic abuse advocacy, my professional training, as well as my personal and professional experiences.I have this class priced at a very low introductory rate. Register by February 28th to receive the early bird registration rate of $44. Call/text 857-880-0365 or private message me to register

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