Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
March 17, 2018

Good afternoon. What a surprising treat to wake up to all the birthday love. Thank you. . . So here’s a little story … To be filed under : Interestingly, bald eagle has literally shown up flying and circling around Healing With Spirit a few times in recent months. I grew up around here and have never seen one before that. I was honored that both sightings were around a place conducive for. . . So then I see my daily calendar inspiration and got this symbolism: To me it’s about and the to step forward. Something greatly needed in my life at this time. It’s about soaring to new heights. They can fly at higher altitudes than most other birds. To me they are a grand message bearer for sure. . . Thank you Great Spirit. . . I will always remember those who have supported me in my journey. You will always be embedded in my heart @waynedyer

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