Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
September 14, 2023

FLOW RISING: Trauma HealingThe Mind, The Body and The Spirit With Laura Bonetzky Joseph

In this episode, Flow Rising sat down with intuitive healer, Laura Bonetzky Joseph to talk about the types of mindset and mechanics which get in the way for people when they travel down a path of healing from trauma.

In 2022, Laura published two books. She’s the co-author of “Feisty: Dangerously Amazing Women Using Their Voices to Make an Impact”. Her chapter, “#MeTooFamilyCourts”, highlights what it takes to leave a domestic violence relationship in a broken system that punishes you. Her first solo book, “The Secrets To Healing: An Invitation To Healing Trauma And Other Root Causes of Chronic Illness Using the Japanese Reiki Gokai” weaves her personal story, her work, the science, and the teachings with nine client case studies.

Laura currently sits on the Massachusetts T.R.A.C. coalition addressing legislation and policy for survivors of abuse. Laura brings an authentic unique view with a unique talent and skill sets uncommon today. Laura’s podcast, “Triggers and Spiritual Medicine,” can be found on YouTube, her website, and most podcast streaming platforms.

If you would like to connect with Laura, tap the link below

If you or someone you know need help with a domestic violence situation, contact the national domestic violence hotline at 800-799-7233

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