Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
March 22, 2018

Feeling the shift?Shadows been rising … ..The divine feminine energies continue to rise …. The current energies and planetary events are amplifying these. ..Many have been reporting anger, irritability, tiredness, stomach issues, cranky pants, sudden sugar cravings, anxiety, panic, time loops, … just to name some.I’m not immune. I’ve been feeling these heavy waves too. I correlate it to the need to learn how to surf the waves. If you can surf, then the energies are more manageable. ..Reminder, Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. So communication issues will increase including electronics. Although for me, I’ve been feeling this affecting me since its shadow phase began, the shadow aspects will be amplified..You feeling these?.Be extra gentle with yourself and others. Be aware of your actions and reactions as “stuff” continues to rise. Practice sacred radical self care

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