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November 24, 2017

Do You Bless Your Junk? One Story of Healing From Trauma

Part 1 of a Series …

Thank you to all who have come forward to share their stories as this gave me the courage to do this video.

Do you bless your junk?

Have you been feeling all these cosmic changes and shift storms especially since the solar eclipse?

Truths are being revealed and shadows are coming to the light.

Learn how to take your old traumas (personal, generational, and karmic) and stories and bless them. Learn how to let go so you can Free Yourself of your past.

This video was inspired after the countless courageous women who stood up against abusers especially those in a position of power and are finally being heard.

This is my journey of healing from multiple abuses from rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence that resulted in PTSD.

I hope this inspires you on your healing path, and I thank you for reading and watching.

Please be kind and leave a positive comment here or on Youtube. .


This video is the first in a series “Today I Bless My Junk”

Please go to my Vlog on Youtube for the following videos.

How Can You Help?

As always, please support my healing journey and my desire to help break the cycle of abuse through healing. There many ways you can do this.

  1. Take action on the things I mention in this video series
  2. Share these videos
  3. Leave supportive comments and let me know what pearl you took away with you
  4. Let me know what you would like to see the next video to be on
  5. Book me for a speaking engagement. I speak on many topics. One of the most common is on healing trauma through holistic and spiritually based practices.
  6. Become an ally – Help me become a better speaker, communicator and video producer. Want to volunteer your services to help make that happen? Email me and let’s collaborate.
As always, thank you for your support and being a part of my spiritual journey.
With love and appreciation,
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