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December 10, 2014

A Period Of Transformation and Transiton

Posted September 29, 2014

How quickly did the summer go?

This past summer was fun, exciting, yet challenging. It was quite polarizing. It gave us a lot to work on. Gave us challenges and if you did your work, it revealed a lot to us. We are all in a process of transformation. How are you embracing it?

On of the themes that seemed to keep emerging was about faith especially in the areas surrounding fear and love. Many of the reiki sessions, holistic health sessions, and readings seemed to have revealed the common themes. Many of us had and may still be having our faith challenged. However, in order to have love, you can not have fear. Fear and love can not coexist.

The Universe is reminding us to always have faith especially during times of great distress, because the minute you lose faith is the time you have lost the miracle you have been waiting for. Always have faith because with faith, anything is possible.

In my last newsletter, I talked about being called to open your heart to the ocean of dreams … to step outside the box and live a little. To enjoy living as it is a matter of perspective. Did you?

This is a time to set your spirit free and soar to new heights. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. So let the magic begin. Time to let go of control a bit. You just might surprise yourself by discovering things about yourself or others you may not have seen through different eyes. So, be in your power.

We are all in a period of transformation and transition. Embrace it. A lot of the readings over the past month or so as well as direct messages from Spirit have brought new meaning to “the world is your oyster”. It is time to light your fire and get moving. Don’t forget to have fun in the process. Have a blessed day!

With lots of love and appreciation,

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