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April 28, 2017

A Mother’s Story: How Reiki Healed Her Son’s Injury Preventing The Need For Surgery

There are days where you receive amazing news from one of your students. Then there are days where I question myself, as to whether I feel more like a mother bear watching her cub bloom or a teacher watching her student flourish. Either case, this was a story that made me smile when I heard it for the first time.

This is a story by one mother, who just happened to sign up to learn reiki when her son got injured playing hockey. Could this have been some divine intervention? The timing of everything could not have been more optimum.

When this mother came to us on the first day of class and told us about her son’s injury, we guided her on how to administer reiki for his shoulder injury. By the next day, she was elated that not only was he open to receive reiki, but that he loved it and asked for more daily.

After a few months had past, we happened to see Suzanne, the mother, and she told us how her son went from needing surgery and out of playing hockey for the season to no surgery and playing hockey. She believed this was the result of the reiki she administered to her son. Here is Suzanne’s story in her own words:

I was blessed to have the opportunity to earn my Shoden Level of Jikiden Reiki during a weekend Seminar with Laura Joseph September 23-25, 2016. My youngest son had suffered a complex shoulder injury playing hockey the weekend before on September 18. He was hit from behind into the boards sustaining a left shoulder dislocation, humeral fracture with a floating fragment and was found to have a torn labrum. He was seen in the ER that same day and we were told he would most definitely require surgery but with the amount of swelling he had, we were advised to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon in 10 days. My son had considerable pain, bruising and swelling with severe limitations in his mobility. He was also informed he would not be able to return to play hockey for the rest of the season.

After having been attuned I could not wait to go home and practice Jikiden Reiki on him. He was very open to receiving and I practiced on him nightly. We were seen by the orthopedic surgeon on September 26th who ordered a comparison x-ray from the original done in the ER on the 18th. He was amazed at the alignment of the bone and how the fragment had settled back into its original place. My son still had bruising, pain, swelling and mobility limitations. The surgeon was still recommending surgery but wanted an MRI to be sure of the extent of the injury. We had the MRI that weekend and we were seen by the orthopedic surgeon a few days later. All the while I continued to perform Jikiden Reiki on my son each night. His swelling decreased as did his pain and bruising. We returned to the orthopedic surgeon on October 6th and had a repeat x-ray done and were informed of the MRI results. The surgeon was “optimistically pleased” with the x-ray results commenting again at how nicely and quickly the bone was healing. He informed us of his concern with the result of the MRI and the revelation of a labrum tear. However, for the first time, said he was willing to hold off on the surgery to see how the healing progressed. He did warn us that surgery might still be a reality.

We continued with our nightly Jikiden Reiki sessions and my son continued to report that his shoulder felt better. We returned again to the orthopedic surgeon on October 27th. At this time another x-ray was done. The surgeon was again “pleased” with the healing process and my son’s mobility even though very limited. The surgeon decided to allow my son to begin Physical Therapy in 2 weeks but reinforced that this did not mean a return to hockey.

My son was evaluated by a physical therapist on November 14th who reviewed the original ER X-ray, and MRI and stated he was “shocked” that with this type of injury, surgery hadn’t already taken place. He also informed us that my son assuredly would not be playing hockey again this season. My son participated in physical therapy 2-3x’s per week and we continued our nightly Jikiden Reiki sessions. We were seen again by the orthopedic surgeon on December 15th. This time the surgeon was more than pleased with the progress my son had made. He actually allowed him to return to the ice to skate without contact with his hockey team. We continued with our reiki sessions and continued with PT. His physical therapist was amazed at the progress he was making with his strength and mobility. We returned to the orthopedic surgeon on Jan 4th and to everyone’s amazement my son was cleared to return to full contact hockey. He played in a tournament the last weekend in January and finished the season.

I truly believe my son was able to avoid surgery and heal so rapidly as a result of the gift and practice of Jikiden Reiki.

With Gratitude,
Suzanne McCarthy

For more information about reiki classes by Laura at Healing With Spirit, please visit her website.
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