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December 4, 2014

A Message for Brittany Maynard

God bless you ‪‎Brittany Maynard‬. Your courage and strength sparked a healthy debate about the ‪‎right to die‬ with a terminal illness.

You are a bright light which will be seen afar. Your message heard. Your passion and love felt.

Your life’s mission is complete. You have done what you have come here to do on this earthly plane. I feel your soulful mission will continue from the other side where your true purpose will shine bright.

May your courage, strength, faith, & light shine so brightly from the other side to guide and light the path for some many who are lost with the realities of death not what we are feared to believe in situations such as yours.

May your courage, strength, faith, & light shine so brightly from the other side to those who may be misguided about transition and death; to prevent those who may seek to profit from your message; to prevent those who may prey on the weak; to prevent those who may see this as an opportunity to end their life prematurely.

Brittany, may you fly high and soar to new heights for all of us to bear witness. My prayers are with you, your friends, your family, and loved ones. May they continue your message from a place of love. God bless you.


– Laura

Healing With Spirit
(First published on November 3, 2014)

Watch her video here:  http://www.myfoxboston.com/clip/10803605/advocate-for-right-to-die-with-dignity-takes-her-own-life


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