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May 14, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Virtual Healing & Community Circle & Meditation on ZOOM

Since March 2020, I’ve been offering various events to the community to help combat the stresses & uncertainties in life in a supportive way with an added intention to bridge in more diversity & inclusion.

We have expanded to offer a virtual circle format where travel is not required, you are in your own safe environment where you are witnessed and supported to process stagnant energy, old stories and stresses as we navigate these ever changing shifts together.

Here’s what you might experience:

  • The ability to enter into a safe container
  • A place where you can comfortably ease into a deep dive of vulnerability and trust effectively.
  • Meeting others that your normally would not meet in person
  • Some virtual love, circle, community, extra support,
  • Receive some spiritual medicine – spirit animals, earth based wisdom, psychic medium, numerology and more.
  • Receive updated cosmic energy reports that often affect our lives, health, & gadgets
  • A safe place to gain clarity, seek guidance, and/or allow yourself to process old energies, stories, emotions etc.

Typical FLOW:

  • Opening circle check ins
  • What is happening energetically & spiritual wisdom shared
  • Reflection
  • Meditation
  • Closing circle
  • Close out with movement, song, etc (not always)

Meditation (varies):

  • with the Tibetan Singing Bowls,
  • with drum
  • walking meditation in nature
  • or guided meditation.

Bring: a notebook, ritual items (optional) and a pen.

Here is just SOME of what folks have been saying about these events:

“You are a beautiful blessing Laura Joseph …We love you” – Nancy

“Powerful Laura … (heart, prayer hands, heart emoji) beautiful day and meditation. I appreciate your transparency during this time of grief and healing. You are a true teacher.” – Annette

“Thank you for your uplifting messages and inspiration. Your dedication and caring shines through” – Pat

“Needed this today. Thank you!” – Joyce

“I truly appreciate everything you have been doing during these difficult times…. This was very relaxing in spite of me sitting in a garage where I’m getting my oil changed (laughing emoji) but it was a great way to spend my time here!” – Monica

“This was gold! You are my sign ( yellow heart, prayer hands emoji) “ – Merry

“Thank you. Beautiful …. Thank you for your time and gifts Laura (heart emoji)” – Suzanne

“That was amazing. Great start to the weekend. Feeling release and lighter.” – Annette

“Thank you! That was so spot on. I’ve been doing a ton for others and my health is starting to feel it.” – Rhiannon

“Oh Wow!!! You are spot on. Thanks Laura.” – Jenna

“I am so glad I joined in today …” – Jocelyn

“I have to say that every time I see you on your lives a feeling of overwhelming comfort comes to me. You’r such a strong force in my journey. I love you (star emoji x 3)” – Karen

“Thank you for all you do, sharing yourself with us. It means more than I can say. “ – Beth

“It is INCREDIBLE that you are here for us (prayer hands emoji) Thank you (heart emoji)… I appreciate you being here SO much” – Sarah

Registration Information:

Investment: $22.22

Free For Patreon Members.

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