Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

I absolutely loved this Level 2 Seminar. I learned so much more today that added to the Shoden Level I. I now feel stronger and confident in going out & be able to help & share this many. Thank you Laura for everything! You are such an incredible, smart, funny, sassy teacher. I am forever blessed & thankful for you and your amazing leadership & mentorship. I am looking forward to the future.

Lisa Dominico

Laura is a phenomenal teacher! She is clear about all we need to learn and makes everything understandable. She is passionate about teaching!

Sue Boardman

Laura is truly one of a kind. Her knowledge and experiences she shared only enhanced my learning throughout the seminar. I look forward to practicing and evolving under her guidance as I take this incredible journey as someone who can now begin to give Jikiden Reiki. Thank you, Laura!

Maribel Carubia, Jikiden Reiki Training

This is my first experience with Reiki - I listened to get the overall information. There is a lot of similarity to other avenues I have done - conceptually.

The hands-on practice was essential to have the experience. The history was also essential to understand the context and foundation.

It was a good experience, and something I can continue going forward - for myself and maybe other seniors in particular.

Sue Driehaus,
Jikiden Reiki Training

Thank you. I have been wanting to take a Reiki class, and I am so happy that I waited to take Laura's Jikiden Reiki Class. Laura is Amazing & I have grown and learned so much already. I love her passion, and love how REAL Laura is & her integrity matches mine. I am looking forward to any and all I can learn and grow with Laura on the mission in helping as many as we can together.

I think my favorite part was learning Kekko. Thank you again. See you soon.

Lisa Dominico,
Jikiden Reiki Training

My interest in Jikiden Reiki was inspired by using energy to make me a more peaceful and calm person, and then an open channel comes through me in order to help others. Laura is an amazing teacher and she values and respects the culture Jikiden Reiki represents. It was an honor to work with Laura as she has taught me to incorporate the Gokai in my life in order to elevate my frequency to myself and the universe. Thank you Laura.

Karen A. Bilski,
Jikiden Reiki Training

I enjoyed this class "Jikiden Reiki Seminar" immensely. I took Reiki Mastership 3 times, and Laura Joseph was inspirational and is the best teacher I ever had. The class was very informative, educational, and down right GOOD! I suggest any and all people to take this.

Cheryl Davis,
Jikiden Reiki Training

I highly recommend it for anyone being told they’re “too sensitive”, weighed down by their emotions or their environment or feel as though they don’t fit in. Laura is excellent at what she does and she has knowledge, compassion, insight and understanding that is truly unmatched.

Debbie Gillis,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

Today's class/workshop showed me that I am not alone! I learned not to own other people's experiences, choosing words wisely, and most importantly detach from people, places, things, and outcomes.

Nicole Monaghan Whittaker,
Self Care For The Empath

It is a very thought provoking & profound class. It emphasized a communal experience in that your experience is similar to others,. Through this it led to personal realizations and tools in coping & finding peace. A realistic & applicable course experience!

Suzanne Simmons,
Self Care For The Empath


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