Embracing The Dragon Within

Dragons have been a huge part of my life and over the past few years, their energy and connection to me has grown stronger. I wrote this a few weeks ago and posted it on social media and felt I needed to share with you here as well.

Step into the embodiment of dragon, and step into your power.

Dragon … protect me, guide me, give me strength.

Let your scales protect and shield me as I travel into the shadows of death to face myself.

Let your claws break through the toughest of resistance for which is mostly likely buried in the depths of my own ego.

Let your #strength lift me out of the depths of darkness and into the light.

Let your wings be the hurricane to carry me, act as the winds of change needed for my highest and best and guide me on this journey.

Let your breath mix with mine and become one churning away in my pit of my belly and burn away my fears as I release its fire.

Let your #courage allow me to easily and effortlessly step forward trusting in my path.

Let your spirit energy raise my frequency and vibration.

Let your fierceness give me courage to do all that is needed for my soul’s growth

Written by: Laura Joseph, Healing with Spirit
Copyright 2018


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Are You Planting Seeds This Spring Equinox?

A good morning start with the medicine of mourning dove and crow as my natural morning alarm system.  What a magical way to begin my day.  Both birds have been very strong personal totems for me communicating messages to me in the areas of love, divinity, and magic for many years.

I saw this fallen tree pictured in the graphic on a hike I went on a while ago and was amazed at the resiliency and survival instincts. We can learn so much about ourselves cradled in the arms of nature.

March has sure come charging in a lion and has no slowing down in sight to exit as a lamb. You feeling this? If you live in New England, you may have certainly been feeling this.

Today marks the vernal equinox or otherwise known as the spring equinox. For some this day may seem insignificant, but for others, it marks the return to light as well as for rebirth, new beginnings, and fresh starts and has been celebrated by almost every native culture across the globe.

So TODAY, I am reminded with this message that came to me during my morning meditation.

“As I release the dead of winter, I plant heirloom seeds for the future I envision.  Today, I nurture my soul.”

So I am curious, how are you using the energies of today to nurture your soul?

Feeling the need for more guidance or direction?  You may also want to check out the Card For The Day to help guide you further today and days to come.

Happy Spring Equinox. Be sure to nurture you and the soul you ARE.

With lots of love and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer


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