New Study Show How Going Into Nature Can Lower Stress

What if I said there is a free or low cost pill to help you with your stress, would you want to know more about how to get it?

What if I said to you that pill was in your own back yard or within walking distance for many with no lines of people, would you want to know more?

What if I said going into the woods or in nature is better than any pill to reduce stress, would you believe me?

Many of you have seen the pictures and hear about my journeys in nature and what it does for me, my anxiety, stress, CPTSD and my soul if you follow me on Healing With Spirit on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

For me, going into nature is a way for me to ground, reboot, relax, release, and connect to the divine around me and within me. I especially find something very comforting being in the mountains, but woods, trees, water, ocean, beach can all work for me too. It’s one of my main tools to me manage my triggers, anxiety and CPTSD.

For me it has been better than any pill ever given to me or as this study argues “nature pills could be a low-cost solution to reduce the negative health impacts stemming from growing urbanization and indoor lifestyles dominated by screen viewing”.

Because of my daily spiritual hygiene including meditation, energy healing, proper diet, and nature, I have removed all my medications I was on for my CPTSD. To read more about my nature healing journeys, click here to scroll my blog.

Here’s a study coming out of the University of Michigan that says “Just 20 minutes of contact with nature will lower stress hormone levels”


“Taking at least 20 minutes out of your day to stroll or sit in a place that makes you feel in contact with nature will significantly lower your stress hormone levels. That’s the finding of a study that has established for the first time the most effective dose of an urban nature experience. Healthcare practitioners can use this discovery to prescribe ‘nature-pills’ in the knowledge that they have a real measurable effect.”


In Japan, this is called “Shinrin-yoku” (Oprah), which was first introduced by the Forest Agency of the Japanese government in 1982.

“Shinrin-yoku”, which can be defined as “taking in the forest atmosphere or forest bathing”, has been receiving increasing attention in Japan in recent years for its capacity to provide relaxation and reduce stress. Since 2004, there have been studies to ascertain the physiological effects of “Shinrin-yoku” within the framework of the “Therapeutic Effects of Forests” project.  (NCBI; NIH)

“Shinrin-yoku” is considered to be one of the most accessible ways to get in touch with the natural world and to lower excessive stress to levels that are commensurate with what our bodies are “expected” to cope with. 


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To read more about this study, click here.

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