Healing Trauma By Stepping Into Your Power Through The Universal Energies of Change And Forgiveness

What I will be writing about, I am unsure if this is directed to my personal path and journey or if you will find that it will resonate with you.  I would love to hear from you and your feedback as it helps me help you.  I would appreciate that deeply.

So, when you think these spiritual storms we have been riding over the past few months and years have slowed down and we can breathe, we are faced with more storms as we continue to upgrade and change in order to be more in vibrational alignment with source energy and our soul purpose.

Just as you think you can catch your breath, we begin September with more changes ahead with the start of the eclipse season and our third mercury retrograde this year.  

As I am writing this, I am wondering how many of us have surrendered to the Universal energies, let go of the past … karmic in past lives, hurts in this life, and generational karma. We are healing it all if we learn to step aside and allow our soul to guide us and light the way.

This journey has not been easy especially those also healing some form of trauma. With all that I do and practice, I can attest to this struggle as our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies let go and realign.  No one ever said healing was ever easy, but it is worth it. I began to write about my journey healing trauma associated with abuse. One thing I have learned with trauma and PTSD, it loves to reign you in and prevent the healing to commence and will attempt to trick your brain into old outdated patterns or more of the very same you are trying to leave behind you. These patterns of constant fight or flight are there for our safety and protection, but when in overload, it is like keeping your finger in an electrical socket and you can not see, feel, hear, anything else around you never mind inside the self.

Laura administering self healing in
a meditative state in nature in Maine

One of the things I have had to address and face is healing karmic cords with my abuser in this life and in previous lives. This is NOT easy by any stretch. However, each day I am stronger, and remind myself that I AM … FREE … from those karmic bonds that tied me for 20+ years of my life in this life as well as in previous lives. The trauma and PTSD side would like to keep replaying the same story thinking it is protecting me not recognizing my finger has already been removed from that electrical socket.  It takes faith in the unknown and higher power and courage to remove your finger and begin healing.

So for many, the Universe and our souls pushed our buttons hard this year to get us out of our comfort zones, challenged relationships, and forced us to face the things needing change so we may continue to evolve from the caterpillar to the emerging butterfly. For those who have experienced PTSD or some form of trauma, these have been magnified. My question for you to ask yourself is:  “Were you open to change or resistant?” 

When we can have the courage of trying to not control every aspect in our life and face our shadow self, we become awakened.  We begin to embrace and nurture the inner child within allowing us to surrender the ego and the control that the trauma has in our life. 

Laura administering Reiki to a silver
back gorilla at the San Diego Zoo 2016

In order to get there, we must look at the two greatest emotions that drive us.  The themes of love and fear continue to the surface for review. I know for me this was a big one, because, my abuser kept me captive paralyzed in fear and stripping me my sense of self and gaslighted me to believe I was better off dead.

So relearning to trust in myself and know that I was worthy of love took many years of healing and lots of work. Slowly I regained my sense of self through self love and self compassion. What helped me initiate the process was my Spiritualist faith, reiki, and meditation practice.

If we are in a state of fear, how can we love? AND vice versa, if we are in a state of love, how can we fear? Learning the art of detachment from people, places, things and especially outcomes have also surfaced to allow for more soul growth. Whenever I see myself reliving fear or something I thought I healed or resolved or let go of from my past, I do the following:

  1. I acknowledge its presence
  2. I thank the Universe for bringing it to my attention so I may learn how to release this
  3. I create intentions and call upon my spiritual team to assist me. Depending on the issue, this may be my ascended reiki masters to Archangel Michael to Saint Germaine. You can create your team to assist you and call upon them. They will not intervene unless you ask for their assistance.
  4. I allow myself to receive love from the divine presence.
  5. I practice one or a combination of the modalities I have been studying over the years. This may be a violent flame meditation, to tibetan singing bowls, to reiki, to a meditative walk in nature or the like.
  6. I practice self love, self worth, self compassion, and self forgiveness.
  7. I adopt the pace of nature understanding that my healing happens not when I try to control its outcome, but when I have done the work and my frequency and vibration are in alignment with my intentions.
  8. Because of the trauma I endured, I did not trust people, organizations, or those in power who were supposed to uphold the law and protect me from abuse. So I built a relationship with the divine and nature. For those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, see my posts of all the divine messages and confirmations from nature I receive almost daily and sometimes numerous times a day. It always brings a smile on my face.
  9. When appropriate, I seek help from other holistic practitioners.


As transition, I have been hearing messages addressing the theme of “forgiveness” as additional themes over the past week or so. So along with fear and love, forgiveness also seems to be playing a role especially for those trying to reclaim their power.

Last week, I posted a general message card to my Instagram and Facebook page where I talked about forgiveness. I saw this message as confirmation to what I am writing about here and I smiled. When I pulled the card, my shoulders suddenly relaxed, and I felt a huge a sigh.

Forgiveness is significant. All the work we have done so far is to prepare us for the hardest task … forgiveness.

If you are holding onto the pain or trauma or hurt someone may have caused you, the misconception is that forgiveness lets that person off the hook while you suffer. It does not. What happened to you is now in the past. What we do to ourselves as a result of trauma, is we keep the traumatic event or series of traumatic events alive and well in the present … the now. I have been trying to understand why we do this to ourselves and why do we imprison ourselves with very few answers. I believe a shift in perception allows us to see that when all we are doing is creating a pattern of self-destruction and self-imprisonment, then we can then implement change.

What forgiveness does is free ourselves from the chains that bind us. This in turn allows our hearts to receive self-love. We can not truly love another until we have fully learned this. I see this to be so true more than ever before now.

I am envisioning many of you who have experienced what many would call such egregious atrocious and unforgivable acts saying things like, “Why on earth would I forgive?”. We must let go of the need to control and need to be right and stay in the familiar. Being right usually does not change the outcome except create a prison stealing our lives. All this does is tie us to the story of the past, poisoning our present, and stealing our future.

Learning to forgive frees us. Wow, right now as I re-read that statement, I am envisioning the mighty power of hawk with a strap to it’s talon caught up in a tree stealing its flight, it’s ability to thrive and survive and ability to soar to great heights.  Then, finally the hawk is snapping the strap breaking free from the tangled mess in the tree and lifting it up letting go of those burdens where it can now soar the skies once again and not only survive, but thrive.

Learning to forgive is one of our greatest spiritual lessons to truly understand. We have had lots of lessons, and transformations this year. The hardest person to forgive, but the most important is “self”. The Universe is calling on us once again. We have been given signs whether you are attuned and seeing them or not is irrelevant. There are those who have been called to help those who can not see.

It’s time to forgive and write a new chapter.

Free yourself from the past, past hurts, past mistakes, past traumas or the like.

So for the coming month, the eclipse season and mercury retrograde will be what we choose to perceive it to be. This is a very transformative time, and we can use these energies to help us in our path if we learn to work with them versus fight them. For once, try to master riding these waves of change and see the world from a whole new perspective. We can not control the size, shape, and velocity of the waves that come ashore. So why do we try to control the waves of life? It is time we learned to ride the waves and have fun learning to surf. Wow, I what a shift right there. Wouldn’t you agree? Did you feel that?  I wrote about this last month in my post “Understanding the Cosmic Shifts”.

And since I have been writing about trauma, this is a grand time, to let the Universe help you right here, right now, in removing any and all obstacles from our mind and body so we may live a healthier and happier life. By the way, health is another theme arising too. So take time to listen to what the body tells you as it speaks to you 24/7. It is up to us whether or not we are listening.

The future is a blank slate. This is an opportunity to truly break free from those chains that bind you.
Are you willing? Are you ready?

The future is yours.

Please check out my January post 6 Tips Towards Soul-Fillment in 2016 and my April post on What You Need To Know About The Current Energies and Tips To Guide You to help guide you in your path.

In the meantime, have a beautiful day. I am here to help you in your journey. Enjoy.


With light, love, and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
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It’s All How We Perceive Our World – A Message From The Divine

There have been lots of synchronistic events and transitions over the past week with an overwhelming feeling of “Have Faith”. Can you feel it?

All these shifts seemed to have started beginning with the Summer Solstice followed by many solar flares. For me personally, I have experienced an extraordinary amount of synchronistic events with the “faith” theme beginning to sound like a skipping record. Does that resonate with you?

Love this
(c) Karen Salmansohn

These shifts seemed to come in like waves of energy bursting bubbles, shifting the sands, removing what no longer is necessary, and freeing us to move into our soulful path.

So with these shifts, I decided to move outside my teaching comfort zone, which can be quite structured and regimented, and listened to Spirit in regards to the planning of my most recent Reiki Continuing Education Class.

Since we had a small group, I decided to take a chance and do the first portion of the class blending reiki continuing education with the energies from the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace that was visiting us until the following day before it was shipped to its final destination in Australia.

2015 Reiki Continuation Group at the
Jade Buddha For Universal Peace
As nervous as I was about doing this at this location, with wandering thoughts of

“What will people think”,

“Will I or the class be effective there”

“Will I be able to convey the history of reiki with its roots to Buddhism”

“Will I be able to get my students to feel the kind of energies at that location with a definite purpose”

These feelings and thoughts by the way, neither of my students know until now. What I learned was to get out of my own way, and have faith in what Spirit was showing me, because this posed an opportunity for all of us to grow spiritually.

What a great decision to come here that day for 1st part of the class. Tomorrow is the last day before it heads to Australia.

What an incredible day it was with lots of reiki energy, reiki healing, reiki love, and just being reiki. I worked myself up for no reason, but quickly recognized that and “chose” to listen and follow spirit.

We brought our Tibetan bowls to be used to start off the day, and we were graced by the presence founding Buddhist Monk of this site in Abington, MA. His words of wisdom he gave us and his use of the bowls were priceless and synchronistic.

Where am I going with all this?

My own schedule lately has been quite a hectic one and I have my problems too like everyone else, but the only difference between all of us is how we perceive what is around us, what is in us, what moves through us and how we react to situations, people and things.

I wanted to share with you my morning experience with a message behind it.

Within minutes of walking to my car, I experienced some beautiful magic. Between these beautiful flowers filled with honey bees, my three turkey visitors, and my very vocal cardinal friend, who could ask for a better start to the day.

My trio of visitors as I left the house.
What a beautiful start to the day.
Thank you Great Spirit for this day.
Photo (c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit

Everything in our life is all how we perceive our world. We all experience challenges, but it is how we face them and view them is what makes all the difference.

(I apologize in advance for the language, but felt it was important to drive home the message) Everyone is either in a shit storm, just getting out of a shit storm, or currently in a shit storm.

I could have chose to think, feel , and say things like:

“I am broke and life sucks”

“I have no place that I can call home”

“I hate my job”

“My family doesn’t appreciate me”

“I hate the way I look”

“I am not good enough”

“What’s wrong with me”

However, I didn’t. Do any of those things sound familiar? Are you laughing right now at how silly the things we say to ourselves? Ok are you at least smiling? Those are things, thoughts, and words I use to say to myself daily, but made a conscious decision to stop doing that.

I choose to be grateful and appreciate everything. The day we make that choice, is the day we begin to create new neuropathways in the brain. With new neuropathways, we create new habits and thoughts and life begins to change.

We can be a victim of our circumstance or we can rise above. We choose how we view the circumstances in our lives and how we react to them.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Champion above them.

I believe in you.

I have faith in you.

It I didn’t, we would not be connected – regardless of how much or how little. We are connected.

I remember when it down poured the other day, I saw many posts saying things like:

“Ugggg my weekend is ruined”

“this sucks, cuz I can’t go to the beach”

However, I saw the much needed rain after the week of divine synchronicities and messages, as an opportunity. This was an opportunity to go within. This soaking rhythms of the rain provided us a gift for the opportunity to listen to the soul.

Remember, the Universe is constantly providing us with opportunities. We just need to be open to see it and take notice so we can act. The biggest challenge many times is getting in our own way and not going with the flow of the Universe, which is a theme that has been carried through since the year 2015 began. So, get out of your own way and begin living the way of your soul. What do you have to lose?

So be mindful of your thoughts. None of us are immune. Change takes time and discipline and above all faith.

You ARE capable. Have FAITH!  As the wizard would tell Dorothy:

 “You have had the power all along my dear”

#‎Thoughtfortoday‬: focus on faith not fear.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing as it helps me help you.

Have an enlightening day. Namaste

A gift from spirit sent to you with light and love,

Healing With Spirit 
Spiritual MediumSpeakerHealer

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 © 2015-2018 Laura Joseph. All Rights Reserved. This information is for general educational uses only. It may not apply to you and your specific medical needs. This information should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation with or the advice of your physician or health care professional. Communicate promptly with your physician or other health care professional with any health-related questions or concerns. This article does not share the opinions of Healing With Spirit or its affiliates.  Be sure to follow specific instructions given to you by your physician or health care professional.